Cleveland homicides - criminals killing criminals

By Alex Payton

A recent article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that most homicide victims in Cleveland are criminals.

From the article:

    Most of the victims of homicide in Cleveland look a lot like their killers.

    They are criminals being killed by other criminals. The incidents almost always involve black men killing a man of the same race.

    The deadliest areas are those stricken with poverty and fatherless households. Homicides here are about three times the national average.

This is something that gun owners, and other people with common sense, have been saying for years. The private ownership of firearms does not cause crime, and it is definitely not the reason for the high homicide rate in some cities. The true cause is drugs, poverty, and gangs.

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Also from the article:

    In the 22-page report, Regoeczi argues that Cleveland must address the problem of poverty and restore police units that former Mayor Jane Campbell cut in 2004 when facing a budget deficit.

    Since these cuts, the number of homicides in Cleveland has spiked from 86 to well over 100 for the first time since 1996.

Not surprisingly, Cleveland’s homicide rate increased after drastic cuts in the police department’s manpower and programs were made. Cleveland is now considered to be one of the poorest and most dangerous cities in America.

Instead of tackling the root causes of crime, Mayor Jackson has decided to spend the city’s scarce resources on robbing its citizens of their Second Amendment rights by fighting statewide preemption of firearms laws in court.

The Mayor’s illegal order to ignore state law is not even supported by his own police officers. At least the Cleveland Police Department understands that going after the law-abiding gun owners will not decrease Cleveland’s high homicide rate .

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