Clinton Gun Ban Sunset, One Year Later - What the News Won't Tell You

Last year, the warnings were dire.

The Clinton Gun Ban expired on September 13, 2004, after months and months of shrill screams from gun ban extremists that the sunset would result in the rein of terror on American streets

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein warned if the ban sunsetted "you can expect more incidents'' such as the July 1, 1993, shootings at 101 California in which a gunman used two TEC-9 semiautomatic weapons on a rampage through the office tower.

Even in a press release after the expiration, Sue Ann Schiff, Executive Director of Legal Community Against Violence (LCAV) breathlessly warned that "existing laws must be vigorously enforced and many more jurisdictions must act to help keep these horrific weapons of war off our streets."

Schiff observed that the gun industry has eagerly anticipated the expiration of the federal law. "Production of assault weapons is expected to increase and prices of the weapons are expected to drop as gun manufacturers flood the civilian marketplace," she stated. "The need for strong state and local gun policies is more urgent than ever."

But contrary to these and other such warnings, the Washington Times is now reporting news that should forever sink what was left of the credibility of gun ban extremists in our nation.

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    Crime rates stay at record lows

    The nation's crime rate was unchanged last year, holding at the lowest levels since the government began surveying crime victims in 1973, the Justice Department reported yesterday.

It's just that simple. The nation crime rate held at historic lows following the expiration of the Clinton Gun Ban. And as Dr. John Lott points out in his daily weblog, the rate of armed robbery plummeted last year even though the so-called "assault weapons ban" expired. So although armed robberies use guns, it is that rate that fell despite increases in rapes and assault, where guns are not usually used.

So are the exploding numbers of law-abiding citizens being thanked for the downward pressure on crime rates? Is the failure of these extremists' predictions to materialize being noted by the mainstream press? Of course not. In fact, the Associated Press handles the "why?" question:

    Many explanations have been advanced for the decline in violent crime, including the record prison population of more than 2 million people, the addition of 100,000 police officers since the mid-1990s and even a deterrent effect that terrorism might have had on street crime.

Follow that? We don't either. The fact is, no matter how good the news, we can't expect the mainstream news media to remind readers of the proof of anti-gunners' false predictions. It is up to you to make that point to the public, and to legislators, via letters to the editor, phone calls, etc.


John Lott’s famous studies show that reporting bad news about guns in society isn’t limited to just AP reports but standard operating procedure for the establishment media.

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As Professor Lott points out in his book, The Bias Against Guns, there is either a concerted effort to shape the gun debate by the establishment media or gross negligence on their part. Either way the fact remains that the establishment media through their one-sided reporting of the gun issue is making the news instead of simply reporting it.

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