Comparison of Two Governors

By Larry S. Moore

Two stories in the national press about Florida and Governor Jeb Bush
this week caught my attention. The first appeared in the Weekly
, and the second in the Orlando Sentinel.

The Weekly Standard story proclaims that if his name was anything but
Bush he'd be the next President of the US. The article expresses the opinion that Gov. Jeb Bush is the best
governor in the nation. The story
goes on to explain all the reasons for this might declaration, citing, among
other things, leadership, reaction to a number of hurricanes in Florida
and the thriving growth economy.

Following that story was the Orlando Sentinel's article, sporting the headline "Gun backers had good year. Gov. Jeb Bush signed 6 bills this session,
but one contentious measure failed."

WOW! The best Governor in the
United States AND he signed six, count them SIX, gun bills in one year. As opposed to Ohio's Governor Taft that more likely signed 1 very weak
gun bill in 6 years!

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Of course only the liberal press could take a great success story of 6 major pro-Second Amendment bills passed and
make it sound like a disaster because one bill was not passed. Score 6 to 1. Slice it and dice it, shoot holes into it, and put the best
liberal spin up to it but anyway you look the count is still 6 great
victories to 1.

A thriving economy, hurricane recovery without fanfare, gun bills are
signed and the people are empowered with freedom. Freedom to defend
themselves, freedom to work hard, freedom to become entrepreneurs.
as we approach the great national holiday of July 4, freedom is

I don't know who the Republican State Chair in Florida is but I would
certainly pay his commercial air fare and hotel room if he will only
come to Ohio and talk some sense into Ohio Chairman Bob Bennett,
Governor Bob Taft and Senate President Bill Harris. Heck, I'd even
throw in some money for Gov. Bush to come along. This is what Ohio
needs. Freedom and opportunity. Give us that and the good citizens of
Ohio will take care of the rest.

What a contrast when Republicans have a real leader in the Governor's
office and not some state party manufactured pretender. What a
when the Governor does not hide behind the skirts of the Ohio Highway
Patrol or a Toby Hoover.

The question for Ohioans this fall is which gubernatorial candidate is
best able to get Ohio on this path? Unfortunately it is too late to
petition Gov Bush to move north to Ohio, but Governor Jeb Bush did endorse
Ken Blackwell in April 2006, and he has certainly made a good
example to be followed.

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