CWRU victim's mom: ''Trouble! Call the guys with the guns. No, not THOSE guys'

It's such a weak, flawed argument, it's almost not worth addressing. But not quite...

Eleanor Helper, who told Senators she became an "instant gun control advocate" when her daughter was shot at Case Western University, has written a letter to the Columbus Dispatch editor.

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Armed citizens are not a foregone asset
Sunday, June 15, 2003

I recently testified before the Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee about the shootings at Case Western Reserve University in which my daughter, Susan, was wounded. In his May 26 column, Dispatch Statehouse Reporter Lee Leonard called my testimony "compelling." He also wrote that gun-rights advocates would say the gunman "might have been stopped by a concealed-weapons carrier." In this real-life situation, concealed weapons probably would have made the situation worse.

The gunman entered the building through a locked door, smashing a glass panel with a sledgehammer. Within seconds, he killed one student and wounded another. Almost immediately, two passing police officers saw the broken door, the dead student and the gunman carrying two semiautomatic assault weapons and wearing bulletproof clothing and a military helmet.

The officers, realizing they were outgunned, sought reinforcements. The gunman then went to the second floor, where he shot at several people, missing all but Susan. In minutes, the building was surrounded by police and SWAT teams. They methodically cleared the building, taking seven hours to rescue 93 people inside. Only the gunman was hurt, evidence of police skill and forbearance.

Imagine the pandemonium and the numerous casualties that might have resulted if one or more people had used concealed weapons and engaged in a shootout with the gunman during the police action.


OFCC PAC Commentary:
Pro-self-defense letter writers have argued that one citizen with a firearm could have stopped this shooter before the killing began. Helper prefers the "dial 911 and die" method.

On this fact there can be no disagreement: when a criminal strikes, the best method of defense is for someone to have a firearm. Helper wants someone else with a gun to do the dirty work. Many others prefer not to have to wait.

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