D.C. v. Heller: It's not about Guns, It's About Self-Governance, Safer Streets

By John Longenecker

There is no such thing as a sensible gun law, and gun bans are a fake-out fraud and abuse of power. Unwind Gun Bans and you begin to unwind other abuses so adverse to Family and Liberty.

The Second Amendment to our Constitution was made absolute for several reasons. In fact, the Second Amendment wasn't even written for citizens.

I get a predictable reaction from talk radio hosts when I say this, but follow-up clears it all up. Gun control is a European concept totally inappropriate for the Founders who escaped that kind of thinking at the nation's inception.

Let's call it for what it is: Gun Bans are a fraud of window dressing and control. Gun bans are a fake-out and abuse of power backed by official Force, and the Supreme Court just struck down a fake-out and abuse of power.

Maybe the time for faking out the People is coming to an end on various levels. Where the peccadillo of abusing powers might have been countered by further citizen political involvement and personal critical thinking, it was immensely facilitated by the D.C. v. Heller win which can now begin to reveal just how gun control is related to a host of other policies which frustrate and vex the American family.

This is why I oppose gun control so. It Is Not About Guns: It is a model for the further interference with all aspects of our society - all aspects - and goes now beyond the Nanny State into a condition of a deeper dependency on officials. This is what is meant by liberty nuts when they say that it's not about controlling guns, it's about control, period.

We were passing the Nanny State and moving into a coerced dependency on officials who are no longer satisfied with looking after us cradle to grave - no matter what their intentions - now looking to forcing it on us so that we have no choice but to depend on them for food, fuel and more - all of it allegedly for fighting crime. But is this where crime is fought? No, it is not.

By banning the gun bans, D.C. v. Heller just might reverse the direction of this kind of nightmare of removing you from head of household, replacing you with official drones as they do Parenting, electronic surveillance, etc.

I like safer streets, and many of the Safe Streets Programs set out in the right direction, but do not travel far. Some strive for specific minor goals. Others were never funded. People dropped out as their websites dropped off the radar. Safe streets needs a lift, in my opinion, because it is an attainable objective. It can be done. It can be done because freedom can protect itself – if bureaucrats will get the Hell out of the way. And where freedom can protect itself, there is little need for Nanny. Hence, gun control in a need to be needed.

Let's get back to for whom the Constitution was written, that part about not being written for citizens, but being written for officials: Like most of the Constitution, it was written on the belief that human rights, personal dignity and Independence predate any document (including our own), that governments do not grant those rights, but that officials as servants are charged with the duty to recognize and protect them, and that severe limits are imposed on officials as part of their job. Nearly all of the Document is guidelines and Limits on Officials.

The D.C. ruling affirms this by slapping down the gun ban for the D.C.'s third time now, and applying to perhaps the major cities, too, who have followed the D.C. model.

The significance of the D.C. v. Heller ruling isn't that it will ban bans, but furnishes the authority for challenging them, and brother, they're going to be challenged by the liberty foundations. We wish them the very best. For us all.

[Not only will gun bans not touch thugs who use guns, but bans have been a proven formula for cloning into other areas of messing with our society. Unwind gun bans, and you can begin to reverse all sorts of adverse programs that have been hurting families, workplace and personal judgment and freedom.]

Not only can we look forward to safer streets in meeting community violence with authority, but we may even look forward to a return to our freedoms once Americans begin to see the connection between gun control and all other interferences with our free self-rule society.

In challenging gun bans nationwide in the public interest, I have two words for you: Good Hunting.

It would be good for the country.

John Longenecker is author of Safe Streets In The Nationwide Concealed Carry Of Handguns now available.

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