Dear GOP: If you truly value it, do it BEFORE November 7

By Chad D. Baus

Republicans have announced their "American Values Agenda'' to shore up their conservative base this election year, and two of the ten priorities are aimed directly at gun owners. One is a bill giving gun dealers more protection from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and the other is the Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act, based on the effort by New Orleans police to curb violence after Hurricane Katrina struck last summer by confiscating guns.

The San Francisco Chronicle is quoting analysists who say that Republican leaders, "fearful they could lose control of either house of Congress -- or both -- in the Nov. 7 elections, are trying to rally their conservative base," which polls suggest appear unmotivated about the elections.

A Gallup Poll conducted last week found that "56 percent of Democrats expressed enthusiasm for voting in November, compared with 43 percent of Republicans." The same Gallup Poll found that "voters, by 54 percent to 38 percent, said they were more likely to vote for Democrats than Republicans in November's congressional elections."

If there be any question about why Republicans are less motivated to vote in November, look no further than the Chronicle story, which observes that "almost all parts of the program stand little chance of being enacted this year, even if they pass the House, because it's unlikely the Senate will go along with most of the legislation."

Republicans have been campaigning on many of these social issues since they first elected President Bush in 2000. Yet, thanks to a few "moderate" GOP Senators including Ohio's Mike DeWine, much of the conservative agenda has been thwarted again and again and again. Is it any wonder there is a lack of motivation?

Here in Ohio, gun owners laboring under the worst concealed carry law in the country are fed up with anti-gun Republicans like Bob Taft, Mike DeWine and Betty Montgomery, and disillusioned by the stalling of a CCW reform bill in the Republican-controlled Senate, are struggling to find reasons to volunteer for GOP senators this fall, and are increasingly finding themselves attracted to pro-gun Democrats Ted Strickland (candidate for Governor) and Marc Dann, candidate for state Attorney General).

The bottom line is that, both at the state and federal level, there is a growing disconnect between what Republicans tell us they value versus what they actually put into action. Count me among a growing number of Republicans who would like to see more action before November, rather than more promises on what will be done after.

Chad D. Baus is a member of the Fulton County Republican Central Committee and Vice Chairman of Buckeye Firearms Association.

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