Defenseless in Dayton

Comments below provided by OFCC Senate District 14 Coordinator Larry S. Moore:

  • Police Search for Purse Snatchers
    A woman, who already lost a kidney to a robber, becomes a victim again. Now, police need your help to catch three people who may be robbers and thieves. Police say the three people they are looking for victimized a woman last Saturday. Someone shot her in the stomach, then took her purse and used her credit cards. Surveillance video shows the faces of the 3 people police want to find. 2 are women; one is a man, caught on tape, carrying items out of stores in Trotwood and Harrison Township. Police say the three hit Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Kroger, shopping with stolen credit cards. They are still on the run, so investigators need your tips to bring them to justice. “We are hoping we can locate, identify and interview these people and find out who the perpetrator was that shot our victim,” said Sgt. Jimmy Rohrer.

    Comments: How unlucky can one woman be? Or how many times does it take to wake up and prepare for self-defense?

  • Pair Of Robbers Terrorizing People In West Dayton
    A pair of robbers are terrorizing people on Dayton's west side. There have been three separate attacks near the Desoto Bass Apartment complex off Germantown Street this week. In these incidents police believe the same people are committing the crimes. Frederick Glenn says his 70-year-old mother and step-father were robbed by two men in their Banker Street home. Two other attacks happened the same day and police believe the same men are responsible. The crooks are described as 2 black males in their 20's. They are about 5 feet 7 to 5 feet 8 inches tall, 180 pounds, and were wearing hoodies as masks. Investigators say they were armed each time with rifles and pistols.

    Comments: More of the same. Predators prey upon the old and the unarmed.

  • East Side Robberies Concern Nearby Residents
    A Dayton couple headed out for an evening walk and ended up being robbed and stabbed just yards from their home. The incident happened Tuesday near the intersection of Wayne and Wyoming in Dayton. Authorities said they are not the only victims reporting similar crimes in the area. Police said in the last week, there have been at least three reports of people being robbed at knifepoint in East Dayton. Investigators are not saying if the cases are related, but the most recent victims want other people to be aware. Joanne Johnson and her husband, Floyd, were walking to the Sunoco station on Wyoming Street Tuesday night when a man charged at them, demanding money. Joanne said she gave the man all the cash she had, which was $1.30. However, officers said the man kept coming at them with a large butcher knife. Joanne said she and her husband were both struck in the hand. She said her husband was cut nearly to the bone. Authorities said the Johnson's are not the only victims of this kind of attack. Police said three days earlier, an 89-year-old man who was around the corner on Wayne Avenue was threatened to have his throat slit if he didn't hand over his wallet.
    Investigators said the elderly man had pulled over to wipe off his windshield when he was approached by a man with a knife. Police said earlier that day, another person fell victim to a similar crime on East Fourth Street. Investigators said none of the victims was seriously hurt, but the Johnsons said they will be more cautious in the future. Authorities said no one has been arrested in the attacks. They said the descriptions of the attacker have been too vague. Police said two victims reported a white male around 40 years old. The couple said the man may be Hispanic or a light-skinned African American with braids.

    Comments: The Dayton East Side is where the convenience store clerk was saved by his bullet-proof vest. Looks like the criminals are out taking advantage of anyone they can, especially the elderly. At the DDN/AP public records roundtable, the WHIO TV news director seemed surprised that the CCW story they did in Springfield showed the average age of the CHL-holder is late 50s. Why be surprised? One only has to follow their own stories, to know it is the senior citizen who is often most at risk.

  • Brothers Talk About Being Shot On Irwin
    Two brothers who were attacked and shot on a Dayton street talked about their ordeal. Bill Pike and his brother came were in town from Chillicothe and visiting with relatives on Tuesday night. They said they were stopped at the intersection of Second and Irwin streets when a group of men ran out of a bar and fired shots at them. Pike said, "People like could have killed me or anyone else around. A bullet like that goes a far distance." Pike said he tried to wrestle a gun away from one of the men when a bullet fired, striking him in the arm. He said another bullet grazed his brother's head. Police said they arrested Billy Metcalf on felonious assault charges.

    Comments: Someone help me here. What was the audience member at the DDN roundtable saying about wanting to know who the CHL holders are "because they can shoot me dead"? This story presents more evidence that the guy is worrying about the wrong group of people. Besides that how in the world did these shooters have guns in a bar? After all there are signs on the doors prohibiting firearms, and every CHL holder knows they can't carry in a bar Exactly how did they those guns past the signs and into the bars??? Explain to me how those signs protect me. Another shining example that you never know when you could be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Be prepared at all times. George Washington is credited with saying that being prepared for war is the best method to preventing war. It is about time a lot of people learned that being prepared for self-defense is the best way to defend yourself. Don't wait until you feel the need to get your CHL or start carrying. It might be too late.

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