Did Ohio's self-defense ban force this company out of business?

In January, we reported on the plight of drivers for Quality Cab Co., Mansfield's only cab company. After two armed robberies in one week, the cab company considered halting services in part of the city.

Quality Cab office manager Brad Walker, 44, says "we need to protect our drivers, and it's the civic responsibility for all of us to do the right thing," Walker said.

"I don't want to go to the morgue to identify one of my drivers," he said.

Obviously, no business enjoys being forced to deny service to a segment of it's customer base, and this move would have reduced revenues for the company.

Fast-forward six months:

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The Mansfield News Journal is now reporting that Quality Cabs has ceased operations.

Dennis West, owner of Quality Cabs and Yellow Cabs, confirmed Wednesday the companies ceased to operate in the city Monday.

West said he has no plans to start a new cab company. Instead, he will operate a one-man used car lot.

"That way the only employee I have to worry about is me," he said.

So did the years worth of delays in passing a concealed carry reform bill contribute to this loss of jobs and tax revenue (not to mention loss of an important service to the often less-fortunate citizens who do not own cars?)

If Am. Sub. HB12 were passed into law as is, how many other businesses and lives would be effected by Bob Taft and the Highway Patrol's insistence on severly restricting self-defense in cars?

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