Dire warnings from gun ban extremists already proving false

In a hysterical email message to supporters lamenting yet another day of failure (the Clinton Gun Ban sunset), gun ban extremist Toby Hoover said "The gun lobby is thrilled and taking orders for guns."

This claim has been oft repeated by extremists the gun ban lobby in recent weeks - if the ban sunsets, they screamed, assault weapons will be flooding the streets within hours!

The problem for the gun grabbers is...it hasn't happened. Just as those who truly understood the failed legislation predicted, newspapers are now reporting that gun dealers are not experiencing a rapid increase in demand:

  • Toledo, OH: Gun dealers see little change with end of ban
  • Dayton, OH: Expiration has not affected sales one way or another
  • Hagerstown, MD: Gun dealers say death of ban won't matter much
  • Port Huron, MI: Assault rifle ban expires quietly
  • Havre, MT: Montana gun dealers expect little change from lifting of ban
  • Hampton Union, NH: No effect to end of assault weapons ban
  • Chambersburg, PA: Gun dealers don't expect all-out assault
  • Philadelphia, PA: No rush on gun shops after assault-weapons ban lapses

    And on, and on, and on...

    This isn't the first time gun ban extremists have been forced to engage in rhetorical revisionism.

    In April 2004, Toby Hoover & other Ohio gun grabbers backed away from outrageous claims about what would happen if Ohio passed concealed carry, saying she and the rest of the gun ban lobby "never painted lurid pictures of bloody shootouts in the streets."

    Quite a flip-flop from comments she made just the week before, telling Gannett News that "if we have more use of guns, then we're going to have more people who are injured and die."

    Hoover debated OFCC's Chad Baus on WTOL Toledo minutes after learning House Bill 12 had been signed into law last January. To see video of Hoover repeating these warnings for Ohioans about concealed carry, click here (Windows Media).

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