Durham man saved by citizen with a gun

By Jim Irvine

Raleigh-Durham News 14 reported on an attempted robbery outside a jewelry store earlier this month, which was stopped when a third person observed what was happening and intervened, firing three shots with his own gun.

From the story:

    Police say the man with a gun was 24-year-old Rashad Rogers. Baum says Rogers demanded his wallet, and when Rogers saw it did not have any cash in it, Rogers threatened him.
    Baum recalls, "He said, 'Aw, cuz,' he goes, 'I'm going to have to kill you.'"
    Meanwhile, David Lineberry was sitting in his office. He looked out the window and saw what was happening.
    "As they were approaching him," David Lineberry explained, "I see a weapon being produced. I immediately grabbed my weapon and proceeded outside."
    Lineberry fired three shots at the suspect, who he says had pointed his gun at him. The suspect ran. Soon after, Durham Police, with the help of a K-9 named Sherlock, tracked down Rashad Rogers in a nearby apartment complex.

This is a good story. No one was killed. Only the gunman was injured, and he is now in custody of police. But then come the comments that grate on me...

    But neither Lineberry nor the Durham Police want other people to follow his lead.
    "We do not encourage private citizens to use deadly force," said Kammie Michael, who works with the Durham Police Department. "You have got to be extremely careful to use deadly force."

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A man is about to die, and they “do not encourage private citizens to use deadly force.” WOW! What do they recommend? Call 911? Talk nicely to the killer? Offer to buy him lunch, or maybe get him some counseling? A violent criminal understands one thing, deadly force. Employ it, and you will be a winner. Without it you become a statistic. Which would you rather be?

To be sure, using deadly force is something that none of us wants to do. We go to great lengths to avoid situations that could put us in harms way. But if someone is robbing you with a gun, and tells you, “I’m going to have to kill you.” you are most likely justified in using deadly force. (unless you initiated the confrontation)

In this situation, a third party (not the crime victim) used a firearm to stop the crime. In Ohio, you can quickly find yourself in legal trouble for this sort of action. Many attorneys advise to never get involved in such a situation. From a legal perspective, they are correct.

But from a moral perspective, I think you should do just as Lineberry did in this story. Take action to save a person’s life. Had he pulled him from a burning building, or saved his life in many other ways, the news would call him a hero. Does it matter how a person puts himself at risk while saving someone else’s life? To some, if you use a gun, it’s not as acceptable.

Changing the law so that desired actions are rewarded, not punished is one of the goals of Buckeye Firearms. Castle Doctrine will help with many problems. A definition of a “loaded” gun is also necessary.

In the House passed version of HB347, there is a provision to allow “safe harbor” so that a person with a CHL, who has complied with all laws, locked his weapon in his car, and had a few drinks, may have a friend drive him home. Who could possibly argue against a law to encourage safety regarding drinking, driving and firearms?

There are many laws in Ohio that need to be changed. If they have to do with firearms, whether for sport, or hunting, or self-defense, or collecting, Buckeye Firearms is working on them. We have a long way to go, but with help for our endorsed candidates this November, we are well on our way.

Again from the story:

    Baum credits Lineberry for saving his life. "There was no doubt in my mind this was it. If [David] hadn't come out, that was it."

Don’t bet you life on someone else coming to your rescue. Get training. Get your concealed handgun license. Carry every day. The life you save may be your own.

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