Editor’s Note

Today, June 7, 2005, will be my final day posting daily news stories to this website. I have found it necessary to take on a reduced volunteer role at OFCC, and plan to spend more of my time on family, firearms and self-defense instruction and my family business. I do hope to contribute a story now and again, when something piques my interest and when time allows.

Many thanks to those of you who have sent in news stories, helped investigate local reports, and provided encouragement to me over the past several years. You are what makes grassroots efforts to protect our self-defense rights so successful.

Although daily news stories may not be posted to www.ofccpac.org until campaigns for 2006 elections come into full swing, please check back regularly for campaign-related updates, and sign up for the OFCC PAC Alert so that you will receive urgent campaign-related news in your Inbox.

The volunteers at OFCC PAC will continue to make preparations for the 2006 campaign season, and we would appreciate your continued support through donations, which are used to educate voters about pro-self-defense candidates.

I will continue to be available at [email protected].

Chad D. Baus

The preceeding message was posted at ofccpac.org, and mirrored at ohioccw.org, as were more than 2500 stories, op-eds, and news commentaries written by me between 2002 and 2005. At the time, plans for renaming and refocusing the OFCC PAC as Buckeye Firearms Association did not exist. - Chad D. Baus - 2006

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