Education Guide Lesson #15: Ohio CHL-holders acting in self-defense

The Youngstown Vindicator is reporting that another Ohio concealed handgun license-holder has acted to defend himself from a dangerous armed criminal.

From the story:

    A 55-year-old man thwarted a carjacking Tuesday morning after exchanging gunfire with the would-be thief. The victim told police he had pulled his vehicle into his Youngstown Road driveway about 12:45 a.m. when one of three men who was walking past his home started shooting at him.

    The victim, who police reported has a conceal-carry gun permit, returned fire. The would-be thief jumped into the victim's car and backed into a street sign. He drove forward, went through a fence and slammed into a junk vehicle. The gunman jumped back over the fence and got into a car that had pulled up to the scene. The victim suffered a cut hand, but police say he wounded his assailant, who is in a Warren hospital pending filing of charges.

There was a good deal of acrimony over the need for Ohio's Concealed Handgun Licensure law, and the General Assembly was accused of knuckling under to a vocal micro-minority. As the establishment media and the gun ban crowd told it, no one needed/wanted this law. However, since passage of the law in 2004, almost 87,000 law-abiding citizens have chosen to exercise their Constitutional right to bear arms for self-defense.

We will defer to the anti-gun industry to produce their examples of someone obtaining a license to go on a crime spree, or committing a crime of passion due to having a firearm readily at hand, as they predicted, and instead concentrate on the known examples of a CHL-holder acting in self-defense.

To that end, yet another eye-opening study course has been added to the Buckeye Firearms Association Education Guide.

Buckeye Firearms Association has compiled a list of the known incidents of Ohio CHL-holders defending their own lives or the lives of others. It is not our intent to re-open old wounds or to gain from these tragedies. However, it is critical that the public understand how well this law is working.

Click here to access the list of Ohio CHL-holders acting in self-defense in the Education Guide.

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