Election Day 2010: Vote TODAY in the Buckeye State!

by Jim Irvine

Election Day is finally here. Candidates are exhausted. Relationships are stressed. We are all emotionally ready to put this bitter election season behind us.

Tonight we will know the political landscape that will shape the future of our local communities, our state, and our nation. It bears repeating, elections matter. If you have not already done so, get out and vote today.

Buckeye Firearms Association prides itself on always taking the high road. Many readers have noticed a different tone in our stories in the final days of this campaign. Some may have thought it was emotional or "knee jerk" reactions to events. It was neither.

We take our endorsement process very seriously. In every race, a team examined surveys, voting records, and when available, comments from the candidates and any other information to help us form an accurate picture of their support for our issues. The job was much larger this year because of the grading process we employed. The extra work was worth it because it allowed us to give the voter a better picture of the choice before them.

Because gun owners are educated and active in the political process, our endorsement and that of the NRA are highly sought after by candidates of all parties. It is incumbent on us to protect and defend all our endorsed candidates.

Mudslinging during political campaigns is nothing new, and in the heat of an election, many things are said and done that would not normally happen. It is good that people are so passionate about elections, and thus the future of our great nation.

What was unusual this election cycle is the number of attacks on our endorsed candidates and the number of people falsely claiming the endorsement of the NRA or the Buckeye Firearms Association.

If our families get attacked by a mugger in a dark alley, we would aggressively defend them, using every tool available, up to and including deadly force depending on the severity of the attack. We are also bound to do everything in our power to protect our endorsements and the candidates who have earned them.

That the gun vote has again been a heated issue in the last week of the election should prove to everyone how important our issue is to voters. Politicians of both parties know being supported by pro-gun groups and people is a key to winning elections. Let our stories of the past week serve as a reminder to those in both parties that they should work with us honorably to enhance the safety of our citizens and the rights that make us Americans. True friends are with us every day, not just the week before an election.

It is our mission to improve the firearms laws in Ohio, and throughout the United States. To further that mission, we must work with legislators from both parties. Obviously some are far easier to work with than others. While the elections may be over tonight, the real work is just beginning. We have bills to pass this session, and many more improvements to be made in future sessions.

It goes without saying that our job is much easier when our endorsed candidates win. If too many of our candidates lose, advancing our agenda becomes impossible. Even just one loss in a critical office can block all progress we would otherwise be able to make with a strong legislature. Every vote counts and every election matters.

The people on our endorsement committee have been intimately involved in both successful sessions when we passed great laws, and unsuccessful sessions where our bills died. Introducing a bill is easy. Getting it signed into law is the hard part. Today is like draft day for a sports team. A poor pick today will hurt your team for years to come. We strongly encourage you to support our endorsed candidates.

Jim Irvine is the Buckeye Firearms Association Chairman.

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