Empty Shelves in Meat Sections Bring on Rush of New Hunters

We are a species of hunter-gatherers but for many, easy access to food at the grocery stores has taken away that instinct … until now. It is amazing how fast we return to our roots and to a focus on life’s essentials when that food supply is suddenly tough to come by. If there is anything good that has come out of COVID-19, it is that people are returning to an era of self-reliance to make sure we hunter-gatherers meet the survival needs of ourselves and our families. No wonder the latest news reports are filled with stories of how the coronavirus has opened the eyes of non-hunters to the benefits of acquiring their own protein through hunting.

For us hunters, it’s no surprise that state wildlife agencies in multiple states this spring are reporting increases in hunting licenses and permit applications as the coronavirus spreads. In just my native state of Colorado, the Gazette’s Woodmen Edition, published in Colorado Springs, says how the coronavirus pandemic has reinforced Coloradans' love for the outdoors. According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) data, CPW received 624,104 applications for its annual big game draw, an increase from the 609,366 applications received in 2019.

In covering this trend, Fox News, Reuters and other media outlets are reporting that more Americans are now turning to hunting, many for the first time, due to shortages of meat due to the coronavirus pandemic. And with ensuing daily reports about potential and upcoming breaks in the U.S. food chain as meat plants shut down, there undoubtedly will be many more people realizing there is an option besides shopping at the grocery store.

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