''An Evening With Jim Petro'' and the OSU College Republicans

In a March 3 op-ed in
The (OSU) Sentinel, John Herrington describes a recent exchange with state Attorney General and gubernatorial-hopeful Jim Petro on several concealed carry issues.

From the story:

    Jim Petro, Ohio’s Attorney General, spoke to the College Republicans Wednesday night to a crowd of about 50 or so. A couple of dedicated Columbus Townhallers sat in the back to keep an eye on things.

    He started off by surprising me with a little tidbit: that he hasn’t formally announced his run for Governor. But it was no secret he said. I found it odd, since he has the most money out of the three major candidates…perhaps he can call it his “just in case” war chest.

After a discussion of the points Petro made in his speech, the writer turns his focus on a question and answer session that occurred next:

    He then spent about 20 minutes on questions. The original format was supposed to be pre-submitted questions (which I had offered a couple). He decided that he wanted it to be an open format (perhaps he read the questions ahead of time??).

    There are two issues from the question and answer session that I wanted to focus on. My (open format) question to him was “Do you support reforming the Concealed Carry law?” He went to great lengths to say that he supported the law but he used words like “examine the issue” when it comes to reform. He used those lawyer-ly words frequently when it came to reforming other laws as well.

    To his credit, he did say that the provisions about carrying in a motor vehicle needed to be changed.

    And then I asked a follow up question: “What about the Cleveland Plain Dealer publishing the names of permit holders?” His answer was disturbing. He (essentially) said that if it is a government record, it should be public. [See the soon-to-be-released video for his exact wording].

In the past year, at least 7, and probably several more, Ohio newspapers have abused the Media Access Loophole by publishing the names of thousands upon thousands of concealed handgun license-holders who have broken no laws, violated no other persons' rights, and who simply wish to exercise their constitutional right to self-defense.

Now that Rep. Bill Seitz has announced his intention to propose an amendment to an Ohio Newspaper Association and Jim Petro-backed 'open records' bill to close the Media Access Loophole, the issue of the right to privacy for CHL-holders is bound to take center stage in the early stages of the Republican gubernatorial primary between Petro, state Auditor Betty Montgomery, and Secretary of State Ken Blackwell.

Only Blackwell has voiced opposition to this privacy-invading portion of the Ohio Concealed Handgun Law.

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