Exposed: Bloomberg's Blueprint for Gun Control

By Sebastian (

I have obtained a copy of Bloomberg's secret "Blueprint for Federal Action on Guns" which is really a blueprint for how the Obama Administration can screw gun owners without needing anything from Congress. Chuck Michel is responsible for filing a Freedom of Information Act request to get this one out in public where it belongs. (If you want to get the exclusive on this kind of stuff, I would suggest heading over to and registering. Their law firm does a lot of cutting edge Second Amendment legal work. It's a great resource.)

This was the infamous 40 recommendations that the Washington Post reported on a few months ago. If this document doesn't convince you that Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) is a significantly more serious threat than any other gun control organization out there, nothing will. Whoever wrote this knows the ATF very well, and understands federal gun laws well enough to know how to effectively make changes using only administrative and regulatory changes, which do not require action from the U.S. Congress.

...There can be no doubt now that MAIG is a gun control group, and a particularly dangerous one. This blueprint is comprehensive, and very well put together. Whoever helped MAIG with this knows what they are talking about, and I would imagine is a former higher up at ATF, since it evinces a detailed knowledge of how ATF works, and what their weaknesses are.

Please, if you have a MAIG Mayor in your town, or near your town, we need your help in getting them out. ...[W]e're all going to have some work to do in this regard... We're pretty screwed if Obama even does some of these things. Let's hope he has the good sense to know that the rest of the country isn't New York City when it comes to this topic.

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