Fast & Furious' Eric Holder: ‘I take personally as a failure’ the inability to pass gun control

In late October outgoing Attorney General lamented that his greatest personal failure as Attorney General was not getting more stringent gun control laws passed. As I shall show, it certainly was not for his lack of trying.

This is a very significant story but its not getting much attention, perhaps its because the media does not want us thinking about it too deeply. As Attorney General, Eric Holder could not pass laws - that is the job of Congress. So how would Eric Holder have gotten them to pass more gun control laws? Operation Fast and Furious is the answer, friends.

If you are not familiar with "Fast and Furious," it was a Justice Department operation that started early in 2009 where guns were permitted to be sold to known gun traffickers, with BATFE telling gun dealers to sell those guns to these miscreants, who then were permitted to “walk” those guns into the hands of criminals willing to pull the triggers and create mayhem. They literally armed criminals on purpose. They have given no coherent explanation or any reasonable logic for this other than they wanted to see where they would go. Well, we certainly learned the hard way. Hundreds are dead on both sides of the border as a result of arming those thugs, including US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. A documented “Fast and Furious” gun sold to the cartels was left at the scene of his murder.

Gun ban extremists and their media sycophants will suggest what I am saying is crazy conspiracy theory talk, but frankly they don’t want to look at this and have done everything they can to mock those looking into it and block access to records of what happened. In reality, anyone wishing to ignore this and blow it off should be ashamed of themselves. Hundreds of dead cry for justice, and sadly our Justice Department was run by the man responsible for their deaths.

As I and many others have maintained for years, the point of "Fast and Furious" was to create carnage with firearms. Why else would the U.S. Government traffic firearms to known killers? Eric Holder and his boss President 0bama launched this cruel operation in the opening months of 0bama administration in hopes of creating death and mayhem so the media would drum up emotional hysteria for more anti-gun legislation. It was working too. I well remember all of the higher ups in the administration, including Hillary Clinton, as well as Democrats in Congress, passing on the lie that 90% of crime guns in Mexico came from the U.S., and that we had to ban semiautomatic firearms to stop it. Thank God for what happened next. Fox News and a reporter named William La Jeunesse, who went to Mexico, investigated and then exposed what was really going on. Fox News often gets grief from those who oppose freedom and this is why: they expose the truth and undermine the hideous things leftists will do to attack our Constitutional rights, including committing murder by arming people they knew would slaughter others without restraint. Credit must also be given to BATFE employees who were disgusted by what was going on and who blew the whistle. Sadly, they have paid a heavy penalty for exposing this insidious Obama-Holder operation.

Eric Holder and his boss should be prosecuted for the hundreds of deaths that resulted from their sending guns to drug cartels and murderous thugs. That, my friends, is what this story about Eric Holder’s lament is really about. This is a great stain on our Republic, a huge, still spreading blood stain. If this crime goes unpunished it will have been the greatest modern era conspiracy to commit mass murder in the Americas by the U.S. Government. Hopefully a future administration will fully investigate this and bring the guilty to justice for this hideous crime.

Tim Inwood is the current Legislative Liaison and Past President of the Clinton County Farmers and Sportsmen Association, an Endowment Member of the NRA and Life Member of the OGCA, A member of the Board of Directors of the OGCA, Executive Chairman of the Clinton County Republican Central Committee, and a volunteer for Buckeye Firearms Association.

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