Fast & Furious was not a "botched" operation

by Sean Maloney

It's important that we clean up the vernacular being used by all involved when discussing Fast & Furious. Specifically, "Botched"; the botched investigation; the botched operation; botched attempt to track firearms that were permitted to "walk" into Mexico. There was nothing "botched" about this whole thing. We must stress the true purpose of Fast & Furious. It was a U.S.-run criminal conspiracy pursued for the ultimate purpose of dismantling the Bill of Rights!

The mainstream media are incorrectly reporting it as a "failed sting operation." In reality, Operation Fast and Furious was a huge success. It achieved its stated goal which was placing thousands of rifles and pistols into the hands of Mexican drug gangs, then hoping enough violence would spill over into the United States so that the American people would call for gun sales restrictions, or at least provide the Obama Administration with the information to impose such restriction. It worked. Guess what happens if you purchase two or more common automatic rifles within a 5 day period? The information is recorded and sent to the ATF. To make matters worse, a federal judge has upheld the rule proposed by the ATF to track multiple gun sales in Texas, California, Arizona and New Mexico.

The lawful American Citizen purchasing a firearm is being punished for the Obama administration's criminal conspiracy and illegal gun trafficking into Mexico. This is total government criminality caught on tape, in emails, on paper, and by the blood shed by Brian Terry.

The Obama Administration is trying to defend Fast & Furious as a failed "gun tracking operation." There is just one real problem with that. There were no tracking devices of any kind installed on any of the guns being sold to criminals. The Obama administration's defense of "tracking these guns" is a slap in our faces, the real purpose of Fast & Furious was to sell guns to criminals, so that enough bodies would pile up across the border into Mexico (remember the president of Mexico standing before our congress asking to restrict our Second Amendment rights) so that the government could call for restrictions against the Second Amendment.

Don’t stop calling, emailing, or writing your Congressman and Senators in support of a continued full investigation of Fast & Furious. We must demand the punishment of those responsible, including those in the Obama Administration. Giving the Obama Administration the benefit of the doubt, it may not be a crime, when an administrative agency you are in charge of unknowingly violates the law, and is responsible for killing American Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry. But one thing is clear; it is a crime to cover it up!

Fox News and CBS first shed light on this dark chapter of government criminality, and it has been left to die on several occasions. But thankfully, the bloggers, the Twitters, Facebook, and all other forms of social media along with the NRA, Buckeye Firearms Association and countless other state firearms organizations have refused to let this die.

Don't stop! We can't stop! Brian Terry is counting on us.

Sean Maloney is a Buckeye Firearms Association Minuteman, a Second Amendment Rights attorney in West Chester, OH, an NRA Benefactor Lifetime Member, NRA Election Volunteer Coordinator for Ohio's 8th Congressional District, an active NRA Instructor and received the NRA's 2011 "Jay M. Littlefield Volunteer of the Year Award."

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