The folks with our Foundation's FASTER Saves Lives program just started a challenge program for their students. It's such a good program, we thought we'd share it with everyone whether you've been through FASTER training or not. Have fun!


FASTER Saves Lives is excited to announce the launch of our new FASTER Challenge Program!

What are you doing to practice the life saving skills you learned in FASTER?
Do you get to the range/school and not know what you should be practicing?
Does your practice session consist of more talking and discussion than practice?

Then the FASTER Challenge Program is here to help!

Each month we will issue a new challenge that anyone can participate in. The challenge will be something to help you practice the skills needed to keep yourself, your students and your community safe. Plus just for TRYING the challenge you will also receive a custom FASTER Challenge patch to commemorate the challenge.

Simply put, you take the challenge and receive a patch awarding you for your effort and support. The patch is a standard embroidered Velcro-backed 2″ x 3″ patch suitable for putting on hats, jackets, book-bags, range bags, and anywhere else Velcro will stick.

So get out, take the challenge, support FASTER and have some fun!

It works like this:

1) Go to and scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the heading “Upcoming FASTER Training” and click that link to begin registration for each particular challenge we offer.

2) There you will see what the challenge is. This inaugural month is the OPOTA+ challenge, the same qualification from FASTER Level 1. You will see a link that lets you download the course of fire for that specific challenge. This month there is also a video demonstration with additional BONUS PRACTICE TIPS!

3) The ‘Join the Challenge Now’ button is where you actually sign-up for the challenge. The cost monthly will be $20 for the challenge patch and for the official targets if you need them. Join the challenge now, because once the month is over, if you still want to take the challenge you can, but the price goes up on the first of the following month.

4) Go to the range or an appropriate space of land, use top-notch gun safety and Take The Challenge! Make sure you learn and have fun while you do it! There is no needed score, just to take the challenge and it’s on the honor system.

5) Please take pics and tag us on our social media accounts and help us spread the word and fund the mission of FASTER Saves Lives! #FASTERChallenge
Facebook: @FASTERSavesLives
Twitter: @FASTERSaves
Instagram: @FASTERSavesLives

6) When your patch arrives in 2-4 weeks.\, wear it proudly and get others to take the challenges with you.

7) Sign up for the next challenge. We plan on offering a different challenge each month!

If you have questions, contact the Challenge Program leader:
Tom Hall
[email protected]

More details are here:

Link for others to join the challenge is here:

Course of Fire and Score sheet here:

Video of COF is below and here:

Thanks for supporting FASTER Saves Lives,
Joe Eaton
Program Director
[email protected]

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