FASTER Saves Lives Medical Training

FASTER Trauma Training put to use TWICE in May

The month of May was national 'Stop the Bleed' month and staff from two different schools had to use the training and equipment they received from FASTER Saves Lives in two different emergencies!

The trauma medical portion of the FASTER Level 1 class is valuable inside and outside of schools, not only for injuries resulting from violence, but from any other emergency such as severe weather or sports injuries, kitchen, lab or bus accidents. Below are two emails we received from school staff who put this training to use in the past month.


NOTE: Any trauma kits purchased from FASTER Saves Lives are 'lifetime' kits. If you ever use one of our kits in an emergency, simply let us know and we will replace any equipment used.


May 3, 2019

Mr. Eaton

As an Ohio high school teacher, I was fortunate enough to attend the FASTER program at the Tactical Defense Institute (TDI) in 2018. As a result of the FASTER training, I am confident that I can provide trauma care if it’s ever needed on my school’s campus. The program made me realize the importance of always being prepared in case of an emergency which is why I keep a trauma kit in each of my vehicles. The trauma portion of the FASTER program is something that all school staff should experience. I’d like to share with you how I recently used the skills and techniques that I learned during the FASTER trauma training.

Last month, I was mowing the lawn at my parent’s house. It was a normal day or at least I thought it was. My mother was pulling weeds in a flower bed in the backyard. I heard screaming a few minutes later and rushed to investigate. I found my mother crying and she was bleeding heavily from her leg. She had lost her balance and had fallen on a large stem. The stem had broken when she fell and it went into her leg. I was in shock as much as she was. She had serious trauma to her leg. The amount of blood loss was alarming. She was bleeding everywhere and it wasn’t stopping. It was at that point that the training that I received from the FASTER program kicked in. I ran to my truck and grabbed a tourniquet from my trauma kit and applied it to her leg. After applying the tourniquet, I managed to get the bleeding to stop. Minutes later, she was taken to the emergency room. The amount of blood loss that she would have experienced without the tourniquet would have been life threatening. I credit my ability and quick response to the training I received from the FASTER program. The training that the FASTER program provides across the country simply saves lives.


Hi Joe,

I just want to say Thank You to the FASTER Organization. Last week we had an elementary student with a badly broken arm. We used the supplies that we received from the FASTER training to make a splint out of two rulers and wrap and then used the triangle bandage to make a sling. The emergency room said it was the best splint they have seen come into the ER. These are supplies we would not have had in our med kit if it wasn't for FASTER!

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Joe Eaton is Program Director for FASTER Saves Lives.

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