Fear-tactics: WCPO working to scare Ohio business-owners about concealed carry

February 27, 2004
Cincinnati WCPO (ABC) TV

Ohio Attorney General Works To Clarify Concealed Carry Law

When Ohio's concealed weapon law kicks in there are going to be plenty of places you can not carry a gun.

It is likely that list is going to include a lot more places than those you have already heard about.

The law restricts guns from places like schools, libraries and where alcohol is served.

A group of people in Butler County learned Friday they too have the right to keep guns off their property.

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At Target World business has shot up since the concealed weapons bill was signed by Governor Taft.

"Our business has probably gone up double with the concealed carry stuff going on whether it's people calling or stopping in shopping," said Ben Brown, Target World.

The same thing's happening at law enforcement agencies.

That's what led to one of four classes for business owners taught by the Butler County Sheriff's Department.

There they learn that while schools and government buildings are required to post a notice restricting guns, business owners can chose to do the same thing.

The owner of a West Chester game and batting cage facility said he is relieved.

"We deal with families and children we don't want weapons brought into the facility," the owner said.

The signs could be popping up just about everywhere you eat, shop and play.

Law enforcement officers said it is not just the business owners who are getting something out of the class.

"These seminars help us in seeing what questions are out there and the misinterpretations."

The misinterpretations of the 100 page law will be passed on to the attorney general so he can clarify any confusion before the law goes into effect April 18.

There is so much wrong with this story, it's hard to put into words - not the least of which is the date the law goes into effect - April 8, not 18th. The headline WCPO gave the story has nothing to do with the overall point, which seems to be that "BUSINESS OWNERS CAN BAN!!!!!!!"

Is the Butler County Sheriff's office encouraging businesses to post signs? Could WCPO.com seem any more willing to spin it that way?

When you hear of a seminar like this going on in your area, please contact OFCC immediately! We'll be more than happy to make certain an informed person attends who can balance any fear-tactics being utilized in the effort to scare business owners into discriminating against CHL-holders.

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