Field Report: Fundraiser Picnic for Rep. Danny Bubp

By Mark Reising

On Monday June 18, I attended a picnic fund raiser for State Representative Danny Bubp (R-West Union) of Ohio’s 88th District. I was representing Buckeye Firearms Association to provide a visible show of support for Representative Bubp, and to thank him for his support of our goals in the past and his support in fixing all problems with our firearms laws in the future. Bubp is a member of the House Criminal Justice Committee. He has co-sponsored several important bills for us, including last year's HB347 which eliminated the “plain sight” requirement and established uniform firearms laws throughout Ohio. He has also co-sponsored two bills this year which are of interest to all firearms owners.

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HB225 has been introduced to provide some more improvements to the concealed carry law; among those improvements is the option of Vermont or Alaska style carry without a license, or the option to obtain a license so one may have reciprocity with other states. Other proposed improvements include a reduction in the places that are statutorily prohibited carry zones and the elimination of the "journalist loophole".

HB264 has been introduced to provide immunity from civil liability for someone who properly establishes the affirmative defense of self-defense or defense of another, often called "Castle Doctrine". It also affirms a presumption of innocence on a crime victim who is forced to use deadly force.

Also in attendance at the event were State Representatives Dave Daniels (R-86th District, Greenfield), Tom Brinkman (R-34th District, Cincinnati) and Courtney Combs (R-54th District, Hamilton). Former Ohio Senate President Doug White of Adams County, and Peter Schmidt, husband of Congresswoman Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio 2nd District). There were also numerous county, township and city leaders present at the picnic.

I had the opportunity to discuss firearms issues with Representatives Bubp, Daniels and Brinkman, and to also thank them for their support. Representative Brinkman is a co-sponsor of HB225 and he and Representative Daniels are co-sponsors of HB264. All of these men are strong supporters of the Second Amendment and they are deserving of our support.

Mr. Schmidt related how much he and Congresswoman Schmidt enjoyed the Buckeye Blast at TDI last April. I also spoke briefly with Chuck Klein about Buckeye Firearms Association. He is the "Klein" of Klein v. Leis, one of the court cases that helped to ultimately lead to Ohio authorizing concealed carry.

Nothing beats face time to get to know a person, and politicians are no exception. It also gives them a chance to get to know you and understand why certain issues are important to you. To truly represent you, they must first get to know you. This was a good event and I encourage others to attend events for their local politicians.

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