Fifth Column: Traitors Among Us

While there is nothing wrong with migrating or fleeing from another country to enjoy American freedoms and opportunity, it is a totally different matter to betray our open-arms welcome and trust. Certainly a worse offense is to be disloyal after having the good fortune of being born in America. In either case, obeying direct, indirect orders or being influenced by a foreign entity to self-initiate savage acts of terror in the name of is the act of traitors.

A fifth column is domestic individuals, groups or cells of secret sympathizers or supporters criminally and traitorously working in enemy-opposition to the country they are in. Undoubtedly we have a variety of 5th Columns, Russians, Chinese, Etc. but it is the 5th Column of Criminal Islamists that are guilty of rendering aid and comfort to a foreign enemy who has formally declared war on America. The sooner we recognize any 5th Column as an enemy within, and take serious action against them, the safer and more secure fellow Americans will be from these barbarous traitors.

Though the majority of Muslims may be peaceful, these Criminal Islamists remain a very deadly threat. On the subject of a majority of peaceful people, recall that largely “peaceful” Germans gave us Adolph Hitler, who in turn gave us WWII, and majority of “peaceful” Japanese attacked us at Pearl Harbor. This militant minority of a minority is a clear, present and growing danger to America. It will continue to be fatal to Americans until the peaceful Muslim majority takes serious steps to cooperate in rooting out these traitors.

We have often stressed that words have meaning. For example, the word Assassin refers to a secret order of murdering Muslims that in the time of the crusade’s, terrorized Christians for fanatical motives while under the influence of the drug Hashish. Another important distinction of words having meaning is our media’s mistake of using our enemy’s language and terms when referring to themselves. For instance, the term “Jihad” to them means a holy war waged on behalf of Islam as a religious duty. This is of course the seventh century savagery of Criminal Islamists then and now. ”Jihadi” or “Jihadists” to them, means “holy warriors” whereas any civil society knows them as merely barbaric Criminal Islamist terrorists.

We need to STOP using our enemy’s language terms. There is absolutely nothing holy about the vicious cruelty of these murderous felons. These folks are stuck in the dimension of seventh century barbarism. Today, as then, we still have the Muslim form of “Barbary Pirates” who continue to ply their trade of high-jacking ships and planes, assassination, rape, torture, slavery, kidnapping and demanding of ransom’s all in the name of Islam. At present and unfortunately, our federal government is taking a Head-in-the-Sand approach by treating the traitorous viciousness committed upon innocent Americans as mere crimes instead of more serious acts of terrorism.


Unfortunately a secret society of sympathizers or supporters, by design, are going to avoid the attention of law enforcement. Alert and patriotic citizens are more likely to come across clues. British Sir Robert “Bobby” Peel, the originator of modern law enforcement, said that “The public are the police and the police are the public.” Our take-away from this is that law enforcement has to depend heavily on the cooperation of the public seeing or hearing something suspicious and responsibly reporting it. Some of the non-verbal clues we should be noticing are often under–the-news-radar of Islamic “Sharia” law that criminally approves of such things as “honor killing” wives and daughters by husbands or brothers, and the beheading of non-believers. Regrettably, both categories of these brutal murders have already occurred in America.

On the Counter-Terrorism training front, both the public and law enforcement first responders should be learning all they can about the enemy that has formally declared war against our country almost a decade ago. They have already followed up with large scale offensive actions, such as NY-NY sneak-attack bombings, (1996 and 2001), suicide bomber attempts aboard aircraft, the Boston Marathon bombing, multiple attacks on military installations and facilities, and have promised more in one form or another. See “Black Swan” attacks in “Active Killer Activity- Good News and Bad News.” Another good head start would of course be Jeffrey D. Simon’s book “Lone Wolf Terrorism.”

On July 16th 2015 in Chattanooga TN, a Criminal Islamist murdered 4 Marines, a Navy Sailor and wounded one other military member and a policeman via a drive-by shooting at a recruitment center in a strip mall, and another military site about seven miles away. (Didn’t he see the “No Firearms on a Federal facility” signs?) The cowardly criminal was killed later by police. What is unfortunate is the media reporting that police are seeking a motive. Sooner or later even “Captain Obvious” and the “Drive-By” media, will realize the basic motivation of Criminal Islamists is to murder those who do not submit, (Islam means “Submission”). A secondary intention of assassinating anyone who resist their world conquest, (Al Quada, ISIS/ISIL, Etc.), including the totally innocent and public figures. Assassination of our military and police, anywhere/anytime, especially when they are unarmed, are among primary targets.


Dave Grossman, (LTC U.S. Army Ranger and West Point Psychology Professor Retired), reminds us about his article “The ‘Perfect Day’ Our Terrorist Opponents’ Possible Plans for Future Attacks” first published In side Homeland Security: Journal of the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security, Vol. 8, Issue 4, Winter 2010.

One Islam expert, related: “… that since we have been at war with jihadis–one way or another–since 1979, they have steadily ramped-up their one man assassinations. And remember, “assassination” is a political statement treacherously devised to elicit a fear reaction. The act is terrible in itself, but it’s in the “reaction” that they find terrorism’s effectiveness…

I would have ALL of our military personnel armed, 24/7… in service force-on-force sessions… M-4s carefully concealed on the premises… they need training!!! Mo Training! We’re in a war here! We need to stop playing around and get our war face on …”

“We suggest, you decide”

Ron Borsch manages and is the lead consultant for the PACT Consultant Group, which trains LE officers and does some Pro-Bono work for civic groups such as Churches. In the name of and supported by the seven SEALE Chiefs of police, Ron is also the founder and 1998-2015 was the manager and lead trainer for SEALE Regional Training Academy in Bedford Ohio, a post-graduate facility. Ron built the academy law enforcement client base to over 100 agencies from ten states. Ron has served on two different expert panels for the last several years at the annual International Law Enforcement and Educators Training Association in the Chicago area. After enlistment in the U.S. Army, and serving with the 101st Airborne, (Paratroopers, Viet-Nam 1965-1966), Ron had a three decade patrol career with Bedford PD. Dual responsibilities for decades included serving as Range-master, Pistol Team captain, DT/Arrest control instructor, SWAT operator and trainer. Ron is also a staff instructor with the Kent Martial Arts Club.

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