Fight now with your voice or fight later with guns

by Jeff Thomas

The country is arguably at the most crucial point in our history when it comes to the Second Amendment and the outcome will affect your liberty and possibly your life.

A powerful statement? I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

The country has been crippled by more than seven years of economic hardship, more than a decade of citizens losing liberties, and now the president and his operatives want to take away our guns. And make no mistake, they do want to take away our guns - not just AR-15s or magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

The Vice President already has showed this week that he and the administration do not believe in democracy. Hearings for a presidential "task force" have been nothing more than a staged production. There has been no debate on how to prevent school shootings or other forms of mass killings, only plans laid out to take advantage of the recent tragedies as the President, Vice President and their henchmen stand on the graves of the children of Sandy Hook calling for a total destruction of the Second Amendment.

This is where we, law-abiding, freedom-loving gun owners, must take a stand. We must demand that they stop using the blood of dead children to promote an agenda they held in abeyance, waiting for an incident such as Sandy Hook to jump.

The battle has now moved to the House and Senate. We must contact our Senators and Congressmen demanding thst they stand up for the Second Amendment and not cave to the attempts of the President and his cronies as they dance in the blood of the children of Sandy Hook trying to bury the Constitution, as well.

All I ask is that you make one phone call to each of your representatives, and even the White House, this week and every week after. Call before every vote on legislation that could affect the Second Amendment demanding that they respect it, abort plans for new gun-control measures, enforce existing laws and support laws that allow us to defend ourselves.

Many of you have flooded gun shows lately buying guns and ammo. You must invest some of that energy into calling your lawmakers; otherwise the nice gun you just bought could be taken from you.

I ask that you just take a few minutes to make the calls. That's all it will take for a resounding voice from we the people who support the 2nd Amendment to be heard loud and proud.

History has repeatedly showed us that governments wanting to strip citizens of freedom start by disarming them, followed by doing away with those who challenge them.

If you do not press your representatives, you will learn, painfully, the results of your apathy. Inaction means you support the actions of those wanting to destroy the Second Amendment.

And when the Second Amendment is gone, the only thing left is to take your gun and fight, if you didn't turn it in. And believe me, for many of you, that choice is one you don't want to face. Ask yourself; are you willing to risk your life in the name of preserving freedom? This means you may die and never see your family again or have the chance to enjoy many of the things you've worked so hard for over the years.

It's time to draw a line in the sand; it's time to stand up for freedom, the Second Amendment and the country.

I believe with all my heart in people's right to self-defense and I fully support the Second Amendment which is clear, no matter how the President and the rest of the anti-gun rights crowd try to twist it; We, the People, have "the right to keep and bear arms" and that right "shall not be infringed."

Jeff Thomas is a concealed carry instructor, NRA certified firearms instructor and a competitive shooter.

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