Firearms Bills in the 134th General Assembly

Bills We Support
Bills We Oppose
Bills Under Review

Bills We Support

These are bills which, as currently written, reduce firearm regulations and expand Second Amendment rights.

HB 12 - ENFORCE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS (Sponsor: Diane V. Grendell) To provide for a writ of mandamus or prohibition to enforce a person's constitutional right against a chief administrative officer or elected executive official whose duty is to uphold the Ohio and United States Constitutions.

HB 62 - DESIGNATE OHIO A SECOND AMENDMENT SANCTUARY (Sponsors: Mike Loychik, Diane V. Grendell) To designate the State of Ohio as a Second Amendment Sanctuary State and to name this act the Ohio Second Amendment Safe Haven Act.

HB 89 - REPEAL THE DUTY TO "PROMPTLY" INFORM (Sponsor: Scott Wiggam) To modify the requirement that a concealed handgun licensee must notify a law enforcement officer that the licensee is authorized to carry a concealed handgun and is carrying a concealed handgun when stopped.

HB 99 - EXEMPT ARMED SCHOOL PERSONNEL FROM POLICE TRAINING (Sponsor: Thomas Hall) To expressly exempt persons authorized to go armed within a school safety zone from a requirement to complete extensive peace officer basic training.

Bills We Oppose

These are bills which, as currently written, increase firearm regulations and infringe Second Amendment rights.

HB 38 - REQUIRE DUTY TO RETREAT (Sponsors: Thomas West, Adam C. Miller) To repeal Senate Bill 175, passed last session, and bring back the duty to retreat in Ohio.

SB 73 - MANDATE UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS (Sponsor: Cecil Thomas) To forbid personal firearm transfers and require all transfers to be made through a dealer, through a law enforcement agency, or pursuant to a specified exception, and to require background checks for all firearm transfers.

SB 74 - RAISE FIREARM OWNERSHIP AGE TO 21 (Sponsor: Cecil Thomas) To raise the minimum age to purchase any firearm to 21 and to increase the penalty for improperly furnishing firearms to an underage person.

SB 76 - REPEAL STATEWIDE PREEMPTION (Sponsors: Cecil Thomas, Hearcel Craig) To give every city, village, and township the ability to enforce their own set of firearm laws and create a patchwork of laws around the state.

SB 77 - BAN BUMP STOCKS (Sponsor: Cecil Thomas) To prohibit the import, manufacture, sales, transfer, or possession of trigger cranks, a bump-fire devices, and other items that accelerate a semi-automatic firearm's rate of fire.

Bills Under Review

These are bills which we are reviewing or which are under active revision.

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