FOLLOW UP: CCW Debate At University of Akron

Late last week, Ohioans for Concealed Carry urged its members and supporters in the Akron area to attend a debate at Akron University on Tuesday, February 11.

The Akron University Sociology Club sponsored the debate "to help voters
understand both sides of the issue of 'Civilians carrying concealed weapons.'"

University of Akron Chief of Police Paul Callahan represented the position of the anti-CCW crowd, and Professor of Sociology Dr. Brian Pendleton (Phd), presented the facts for our side.

For a detailed follow-up report, and the text of Pendleton's opening remarks, click on the "Read More..." link below.

The format for the debate allowed for 20 minutes of opposing arguement (against CCW, and 20 minutes of supporting testimony. After each presentation, there was an hour allowed for "Questions and

An OFCC member in attendance had this to say of the debate:

"I thought [Dr. Pendleton] was outstanding. He made it a point to not use the Second Amendment ONCE as part of his argument. Only statistics and reason. He was very good."

"A couple anti's voiced questions/ concerns, but not many. And Dr. Pendleton shut them
down." For instance, in one question, crime statistics were compared for Chicago and Toronto. Dr. Pendleton's response was to ask, 'Why Toronto? Why not other US cities having similar demographics that allow CCW?' Basically Dr. Pendleton slam dunked the argument."

"In summary I thought it worked well. His info was great, he passed out copies of his position statement with great stats and info", which can be read by clicking here.

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