Former AAA member shares note he received after canceling membership

For some consumers, OFCC’s recent story on the discriminatory policy of the AAA Ohio Motorists’ Association came as a surprise. Others have written to let us know they’ve been fighting this policy at Ohio's AAA branches for quite some time now. One OFCC supporter provided the following letter, which he received late last year, after canceling his long-time membership due to their anti-gun policy.

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Newbacher, Brian

    Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 2004

    Dear Mr. XXXXX,

    AAA is disappointed to hear that you will be cancelling [sic] your membership after many years with us. Our policy was established to protect our customers and employees. It is unfortunate that you feel that you are being discriminated against but the new law permits establishments such as AAA to post such signs.

    On a more personal note, as a former U.S. Marine, I too, believe in the contstitutional [sic] right to bear arms. However, this right must also be balanced by the needs of the public to feel safe as they conduct business in public places such as AAA offices.

    AAA appreciates your many years of membership and public service to Northeast Ohio. I hope you understand and will reconsider. Your membership expiration date is Jan. 31.

    Brian Newbacher
    Director of Public Affairs
    Editor & Publisher, The Ohio Motorist
    AAA Ohio Motorists Association
    [email protected]

It is interesting to note that, as far as OFCC has been able to determine, Ohio is the only AAA in the country that has adopted this discriminatory policy. According to one OFCC Steering Committee member, who also cancelled his membership in Ohio recently, the national AAA has refused to get involved, even though they have not had a single problem in any AAA allowing CCW anywhere in the country.

We doubt Mr. Newbacher can address why we Ohioans are so dangerous with guns compared to the rest of the country. Or maybe he considers the all other AAA offices too dangerous.

Before one believes that Mr. Newbacher is "protecting" customers and employees, click to view the extensive list of crimes committed at "no-guns" businesses. Is advertising that customers and employees inside your business are defenseless really such a "safe" idea?


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