Mass stabbing in Australia leaves citizens defenseless, waiting on government to save them (Video)

Six unsuspecting, innocent shoppers were murdered at a busy shopping mall in Sydney, Australia, on the afternoon of April 13. The perpetrator was ultimately shot to death by a uniformed, armed, decisive police officer, who courageously took the fight to him.

'Woke' wildlife refuges? Congress blasts climate priority rule that sidelines hunting

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s proposed Biological Integrity, Diversity and Environmental Health rule update would implement a rule to “combat” climate change at the expense of wildlife conservation through hunting and angling. The proposal would put National Wildlife Refuge System decisions based solidly in Washington and not in the hands of local biologists who are best positioned to make...

ATF tactics in shooting homeowner called 'reckless and incompetent'

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives went to Bryan Malinowski’s West Little Rock home last month spoiling for a gunfight, and they got one. Now a good man is dead — the latest victim of ATF’s overly aggressive tactics and complete disregard for the sanctity of human life.

Biden ATF criminalizes tens of thousands of private firearms sellers

We have long been warning of the rule the Biden ATF has been preparing to redefine who is considered a firearms “dealer” under U.S. law. The administration’s explicit objective was to move as close to so-called “universal background checks” for firearm sales as possible. Well, look at what just happened.

New Class: America's Rifle - How to Select and Outfit Your AR-15

The AR-15 is the most popular rifle in America. That's because it's designed specifically to be modular and readily adaptable to any number of uses, from hunting to competition to self-defense. However, it can also be challenging to understand and sort through all the options given the huge number of manufacturers, calibers, barrel lengths, accessories, price points, and other considerations. BFA...

Despite slick marketing, LA-based nonprofit 97Percent is 100% anti-gun

The California-based nonprofit 97Percent took its name from a debunked Quinnipiac poll that claimed 97% of Americans supported mandatory background checks. The group calls the remaining 3% “loud voices who have crowded out conversation and prevented collaboration between gun owners and non-gun owners.”

Thoughts on how places of worship should handle concealed carry permissions

Firearms instructor Bob Jewell gives his take on how churches and other places of worship should consider concealed carry permissions among congregants, working backward from “as if an incident has occurred” and asking what procedures, paperwork, and training should be in place to address all the questions that will come up in the aftermath.


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