Right back at'cha: MMM's O'Neill letter gets more smackdowns

This week the Cleveland Plain Dealer has printed three letters to the editor, responding to a letter written by MMM's Lori O'Neill, which has been published in multiple newspapers, and which we debunked after it's original printing in the Cincinnati Enquirer. O'Neill has apparently sent basically the same misguided, anti-gun letter to every newspaper she could think of, and it keeps getting...

Ohio is CCW Country!

Ohioans for Concealed Carry has color-coded a map of Ohio, which depicts the level of support in Ohio for concealed carry reform. House districts from which representatives voted FOR House Bill 12 are represented in blue, and those voting AGAINST HB12 are in red. Perhaps we need to fire up the t-shirt printer...because Ohio truly IS CCW Country .

Dispatch Editorial: ''Legislators shirk pressing issues to push gun bill''

On March 16, the Columbus Dispatch printed a column by Dispatch editorial writer Marry Ann Edwards , complaining that the "fanatic anti-tax Republicans" in the House put our constitutional self-defense rights on equal ground with the school funding mess, created by the formerly liberal Ohio Supreme Court. Edwards whines that "no groundswell of public support exists for this bill, and most of the...

Taft extends deadline for applications to replace Justice Cook

Several names familiar to Ohio voters are on a list of possible replacements for Supreme Court Justice Deborah L. Cook should the U.S. Senate confirm her nomination as a federal judge, Gov. Bob Taft's top aide said yesterday. The Senate Judiciary Committee has approved Cook's nomination to the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati. Confirmation by the full Senate has been held up...

Youngstown Vindicator publishes opposing letters to the editor

On Sunday, March 16, the Youngstown Vindicator printed two opposing letters to the editor regarding the concealed carry reform issue. The first letter is from OFCC's Mahoning County coordinator, Rick Kaleda. The Vindicator also reprinted "Million" Mom March coordinator Lori O'Neill's letter of warning to Ohio businesses, which we debunked after it's original printing in the Cincinnati Enquirer...

Action Item: Encourage Columbus Police Reservists to endorse HB12

On March 16, 2003, a radio talk show on 610 WTVN featured a member of the Columbus Police Reserves, who was on air to take issue with the fact that reservists are forbidden to carry off duty by city law. The reservists are asking for support in lobbying the Mayor and Safety Director of Columbus to permit them off-duty carry. An OFCC supporter and 610 WTVN listener called in to point out that HB12...

State ban on concealed weapons heads to an appeal

A higher court has decided to hear an appeal of a local case that declared Ohio's law against carrying a concealed weapon unconstitutional. The Third District Court of Appeals in Lima said it will hear the case out of Seneca County Common Pleas Court, a spokeswoman in at the Lima court said. Transcripts on the matter from common pleas court are due by April 22, the spokeswoman said. After that...


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