Get Involved - Make a Difference

By Chad D. Baus

Whenver acting in an official role for this political action committee, I am a one-issue, non-partisan operative. But like most grassroots firearms activists, I am involved on a personal level in many other areas of politics than just advocating for pro-gun legislation.

From being involved in various ways local politics and campaigns to testifying in Columbus on other types of legislation, I have gotten to know my elected officials and they have gotten to know me. That last sentence is something I would encourage everyone who cares about protecting their gun rights to make true for themselves over the next six months. Even if you are a one-issue voter, you can positively effect your one issue by getting involved in campaigns that may seem at the time to have little to do with a particular piece of legislation.

For instance, I recently agreed to be the Fulton County Chair for Rep. Mary Taylor's campaign for Auditor of State. Rep. Taylor is not my district representative, and the office of Auditor has nothing to do with firearms. Yet by supporting this pro-gun candidate, I know that I can positively influence politics on many issues that are important to me as an individual. Additionally, should she be elected to this statewide office, I will have helped one more pro-gun candidate into a prominence that could lead to the Governor's mansion.

Whether or not you have experience in working for political campaigns, I would highly encourage you to seek out a candidate this summer and fall that interests you - even for a municipal, township, or county-wide race - and volunteer to help. Whether or not the race has anything to do with firearms, your time and the contacts you make will pay dividends for tomorrow.

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