Good gubernatorial candidates

The fact that Ken Blackwell (R) and Ted Strickland (D) are both strong pro-gun candidates continues to make news. On Wednesday, the Columbus Dispatch ran a story commenting on such.

From the story:

    In their showdown to outgun each other for Ohioans’ votes on Nov. 7, Strickland and Blackwell eagerly burnish their gun credentials. But with both boasting endorsements from pro-gun groups, the oft-contentious gun-owner rights debate appears headed for a draw in the governor’s race.

Bill Peirce
, the Libertarian candidate is also a strong pro-gun candidate.

This is a big change from four years ago when there were no strong candidates running for our state’s top position. Many on the anti-gun, anti-self defense and anti-freedom side are frustrated and confused. How could this happen?

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Ohio’s concealed carry law is two and a half years old. None of the problems predicted by the anti-gunners has come to fruition. People are beginning to understand Toby Hoover and her followers have no credibility. 70,000 people have obtained their Ohio CHL, and there are many stories where they have used their firearms to defend innocent life. People who once were against concealed carry now see the benefits of the law and legislators who voted against it last session have voted to fix problems with our law this session.

Ohio Hunters and sportsmen showed up in force and scored big victories last year as a hunter apprentice (HB296) bill became law, and the legislature quickly acted to ensure fees from licenses are used for conservation efforts and not dumped into the general fund by passing HB367.

In the last presidential race, Ohio was a deciding state, and gun owners played the pivotal roll. President Bush, who has been good on gun issues, but certainly not great might have been vulnerable, but the Democrats picked a rabid anti-freedom candidate in John Kerry. Knowing that the pro-gun side was right (or maybe knowing he needed us to win the election) Kerry came to Ohio camouflaged in hunters orange, borrowed a gun and went goose hunting. With some help from Congressman Strickland, he was able to bag a goose, but Ohio sportsmen proved to be a tougher target.

Just as his anti-gun stance cost Al Gore the election in 2000, it also hurt John Kerry in 2004. Despite what Dan Rather or CNN or other out of touch lamestream media might try to spin, the truth is that Americans believe in freedom, and they believe in the right to defend their own life. They understand that guns in the hands of law abiding citizens are a good thing, and they vote for candidates who profess this simple truth.

Which brings up back to our three pro-gun candidates. It should not be surprising that we have all pro-gun candidates running for our highest office. What should surprise us is that anyone is still running for office advocating the same anti-American policies that have helped make Washington DC the murder capitol of our country. Some candidates still advocate policies that protect the rapist and murderer, but most candidates advocate ending the violence by supporting the victim’s right to defend their life. It’s that simple.

On sporting, self-defense, and hunting issues, Ohio is privileged to have a choice of excellent candidates running for Governor this year. It’s going to be a great political season.

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