Governor Rick Perry an 'egotistical extremist?' I don’t think so!

by Linda Walker

Yes, I must confess, I am on the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence's email list. There, I said it!

"Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."
Sun Tzu, Chinese general & military strategist (ca. 500 BC)

To my horror, amazement, shock and a wealth of other instantaneous emotions, I read the following email from the Brady Campaign that popped into my email inbox recently:

I'm sorry, Gov. Perry, I didn't quite catch what you said...

Is this the type of President the American public wants?

When asked if he was armed on the campaign trail, Texas Governor Rick Perry smiled and replied, "That's why it's called concealed."

The Republican primary campaign has hardly begun and already it is being dominated by extremists. None as scary as Rick Perry who brazenly carries weapons — concealed and revealed. Even on the campaign trail!

Only an egotistical extremist would carry a loaded weapon into a crowd — encouraging others to do so.

Is this where America is headed? Is this the America you want for our nation's children?

Now, for full disclosure, based on his support for the Second Amendment and other issues, I am very much a "Rick Perry for President" supporter. The following commentary is my opinion only and is not to be misconstrued as that of Buckeye Firearms Association or the National Rifle Association, as both organizations will not endorse in the presidential race until much closer to the actual primaries.

It has been long-standing public knowledge that Texas Governor Rick Perry does in fact legally carry a firearm and has a concealed handgun permit. Last year, he made headline news when he killed a coyote (one shot/one kill) that attempted to attack his puppy while out jogging without his security detail.

Rick Perry understands, just like the citizens of Ohio who have their concealed handgun licenses, that we can't always have someone there to protect us from vicious dogs/coyotes or the human wolves that prey upon their victims!

Someone who has carried a firearm for self-protection generally would have sense enough not to ask if someone is carrying. We realize that is very personal, just as we would not ask "boxers or briefs?" My personal assumption: the person asking Governor Perry the question if he was "armed" is an individual not familiar with the gun culture.

How horrific to the Bradys that someone such as Governor Perry would..., dare we say it, carry a "weapon" while campaigning. *GASP* It just sends emotional shudders down every inch of their spines! How do they know he "brazenly" was carrying a "weapon?" He most certainly wasn't carrying it "revealed," as they claim!

Yet, we are so used to the fearmongering, raw emotion expended from the Brady Campaign and others just like them. I am appalled beyond comprehension at this ludicrous statement: "Only an egotistical extremist would carry a loaded weapon into a crowd — encouraging others to do so." I let the first comment about Republicans go when they referred to us as extremists. If that makes them feel better, so be it! But because I carry a gun for my own self-protection, I am now referred to as "an egotistical extremist?" And how dare I carry it in a crowd!

One doesn't need to Google very far to find exactly the reasons one would most definitely want to carry a concealed firearm in a crowd.

Two examples quickly found through a Google search doesn't take long to convince me that, yes Brady Campaign, I also need to carry my firearm where crowds are!

The right to bear a firearm also extends to Governor Perry under our United States Constitution! Because he is a politician perhaps that is all the more reason for him to carry. If only Gabby Gifford had carried a firearm that day in January! What if? She will never know!

The Bradys ask "Is this the America you want for our nation's children?" The freedom to exercise our god-given rights to self-defense? A resounding ABSOLUTELY! YES, that IS the America I want for our children. If President Rick Perry can help us achieve that for our nation's children, all the better. After all, as the anti gun crowd always screams..., it's for the children!

It would be a welcome "change" to our White House to know that our president was well-armed in the Oval Office and everywhere else he/she went!

Shame on you Brady Campaign for yet another lame attempt at fearmongering about us "egotistical extremists!" Your rhetoric is showing!

Linda Walker is the Buckeye Firearms Association Central Ohio Chair, a Member of the National Rifle Association's Board of Directors, an NRA certified instructor, NRA-EVC for the Ohio 12th Congressional District, chairman of the Licking County Friends of the NRA and the 2009 recipient of the NRA's "Sybil Ludington Women's Freedom Award."

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