GRASSROOTS ALERT - Bloomberg coming to Columbus

NOTE: Location of event has changed. It is now at McPherson Commons (Arch Park), 218 West St. near Nationwide Arena.

We need REAL GUN OWNERS to show up Friday in Columbus to push back against Bloomberg's anti-gun propaganda!

On Friday, August 30 the anti-firearm freedom group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns will be hosting a rally in Columbus attacking Senator Rob Portman and promoting measures that will restrict your gun rights as Ohioans.

This bus tour is sponsored by "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" (MAIG), a group founded and funded by anti-gun extremist New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg that seeks to restrict gun rights for law-abiding citizens - rather than focus on violent criminals.

Portman issued a strong pro-Second Amendment statement in early April. But he's under repeated attack by Bloomberg and his paid activists. We need to support him and tell Bloomberg he should stop meddling in Ohio politics.

If you live or work in the Columbus area, join Buckeye Firearms Association to show your support for Rob Portman and voice your opposition to Mayor Bloomberg's anti-gun agenda tomorrow at noon.

Friday, August 30, NOON

McPherson Commons (Arch Park), 218 West Street, Columbus, OH

What to Bring:
Feel free to make and bring signs, but be sure to keep the signs respectful and in good taste, such as "Guns Save Lives." Also, please make sure that you wear NRA or BFA clothing or hats to prevent you from being counted as a gun control supporter. Buckeye Firearms Association organizers will have signs for you to wave and stickers for your to wear.

Help us fight for your rights!

Become a member of Buckeye Firearms Association and support our grassroots efforts to defend and advance YOUR RIGHTS!

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