Grendell for Attorney General

By Larry S. Moore

As a sportsman and gun owner, I have been aware of the name Tim Grendell for several years. As an outdoor writer, his office has supplied background information on several Lake Erie issues in support of my writing efforts.

Last year during the budget issues and the fight to protect the sportsmen dollars in the Division of Wildlife budget, I joined other sportsmen gathered at the statehouse for rallies and budget testimony. Several of these sportsmen were from Senator Grendell’s district. They spoke highly of him. It was not until September 2005 that I had the opportunity to meet and discuss issues with him. That was at the US Sportsmen Alliance annual banquet in Columbus. I was offered the opportunity to once again talk with Senator Grendell while testifying on the Apprentice Hunting/Trapping License bill in the Senate. I have been very impressed with his knowledge of the issues. We also know his voting record in the General Assembly in support of our sportsmen and 2nd Amendment issues.

On the other hand, some Republican Party County Committees, largely through the efforts of Bob Bennett, have endorsed Betty Montgomery for Attorney General. This is party line politics at its worst. In my opinion the party is attempting to reward Ms. Montgomery for dropping out of the Governor’s race while turning a cold shoulder to the better candidate, Tim Grendell.

Betty Montgomery is like a Don Quixote running around looking for an office and race where she might be successful. Montgomery has failed to put forth a platform and an identity that resonates with the average Ohio citizen. She is opposed to Ohio's concealed carry law and has gone on record stating that she does not see any need for changes to that law. That has only proven that Mrs. Montgomery is out of touch with many law-abiding constituents. Betty Montgomery as Attorney General could set back much of the progress that has been made on gun rights and concealed carry in Ohio.

Senator Grendell is an outstanding candidate for Attorney General and our friend. He needs and deserves our support.

Click on the "Read More..." link below for a letter from Senator Grendell regarding his campaign for Attorney General against anti-self-defense candidate Betty Montgomery.

Dear Friends,

For ten months now, I have worked hard campaigning for the office of Attorney General for the State of Ohio. This is an office for which I have prepared for my entire life, and I have no intention of stopping now.

As you probably know, last week, former Gubernatorial candidate and Ohio Auditor Betty Montgomery quit her race for governor and entered my race. Some folks who refer to themselves as moderate Republicans are suggesting that I politely withdraw and seek another position.

Never in my life have I shrunk in the face of conflict, and I don’t know the meaning of half-measure, or what it is to quit. I entered this race to protect the rights of Ohioans and serve the people as Attorney General, and this is a race I intend to win. During my service in the United States Army, I learned the value of loyalty.

I have been receiving encouragement from the real conservatives in this state. Real people who believe as I do in the Second Amendment as it was written, and the intrinsic value of human life. These friends are asking me not to listen to the whispers for my withdrawal, and stay in the race.

Not for one moment did I consider stepping aside. I am digging in with a renewed spirit, and preparing for a hard battle through the primary.

My friends know that I don’t waver in my beliefs. I have consistently fought for years to protect every human life. My pro-life views are well documented, as are my opponent’s liberal leanings on the atrocity of abortion.

I am the only pro-gun candidate for Ohio Attorney General, and I have a 100% voting record for Second Amendment issues. The Gun Owners of America and the Buckeye Firearms Association, who both recently endorsed me, know that too.

However, everyone needs the support of their friends, and today I ask for your help in preparing for this fight. I have a goal to raise $50,000 by Tuesday, February 14th, which is a big job, without friends like you.

Please click here or visit to help put a true conservative in the Ohio Attorney General’s office. If I am not elected, we’ll have four to eight years of an Attorney General will not protect gun owners and our right to bear arms.

With your help, I know we can win in May and again in November, to ensure conservative values will be defended in the Attorney General’s office.


Tim Grendell

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