Gun ban extremists' desperate plea

Govenor Taft's office says today that while overall calls have been heavily weighted in favor of concealed carry, today the calls are more evenly balanced. We hope they're asking what state the callers are phoning from, because this latest desperate plea is attempting to rally opponents from the most liberal corners of our country. (funded by well-known foundations dedicated to banning firearms from all Americans)


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The Ohio House and Senate members that have been determined to pass CCW have today used procedures to find a way to amend the passed bill and put on the Governor's desk.

The House this afternoon rescinded their vote on HB 12 to send it to conference committee and the Senate is expected to do the same. According to some news reports the Governor has said he will sign the bill if they amend it to give access to permit holders names.

The public records request by the Governor began as a request for records to open to the public.

The amendment is reported to be some kind of compromise to allow news reporters ONLY to ask for the information from the sheriff.

The gun lobby has used the holidays to convince the legislature to accept anything in order to get a bill passed. The gun lobby will then come back year after year until they can amend the law to their liking.

GOVERNOR TAFT NEEDS TO HEAR FROM YOU TODAY THAT YOU WANT A VETO. If he doesn't VETO, CCW will be law by the end of this week.


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