Gun grabbers call: take guns out of homes (presumably even cops')

In the vain hope that the political climate of the 2000’s will mirror that of the Clinton 90’s, the gun ban lobby wasted no time in attempting to capitalize on the Red Lake High School shootings, despite the obvious fact that the fallacies of gun control were on display that cold Minnesota Monday. Following is a shameful press release issued by Ohio’s own gun ban extremist Toby Hoover, who fronts what often appears to be a one-woman show at the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence, less than 24 hours after news of the shootings broke.

OFCC PAC Commentary inserted in blue:

Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence
From: Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence ([email protected])
Subject: press releases
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005

Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence Press releases on Minnesota shooting

For Immediate Release Contact: Toby Hoover

March 22, 2005
Minnesota School Massacre - When Will We Learn?

Six Years After Columbine, Another School Shooting, Multiple Deaths and Injuries from Gunfire, Yet Nothing Done to Save Lives

Toledo, Ohio: As the news of the shooting deaths of ten people and injuries to many more in a massacre at a high school in Red Lake, Minnesota spread across the country, Toby Hoover, Executive Director of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence (OCAGV), the statewide coalition of groups and individuals devoted to reducing gun violence said: "Like all Americans, our hearts go out to the families, neighbors, fellow students and coworkers who lost loved ones in yesterday's terrible school shooting."

"Yesterday's school shooting in Red Lake, Minnesota was horrific, incredible saddening and will mark so many people with grief that will never end - but it was not a shock," continued Hoover. "It has been nearly six years since the Columbine school massacre, and virtually nothing has been done in this country since then to avoid similar disasters. So, it is not a shock when these avoidable events happen again and again and people die, as occurred yesterday in Red Lake. And, unless we as a nation recognize that 'It's about the guns,' we can be absolutely certain that more such massacres will occur."

Hoover fails to mention the video cameras, chain-link fences, metal detectors, security guards and "no-guns" signs at Red Lake High when she says "virtually nothing has been done in this country since then to avoid similar disasters". Nor does she mention the security guards who were on duty that day, but who were unarmed. These facts highlight an important truth - we haven't been doing NOthing - we've been listening to Hoover and her ilk, and doing the WRONG things.

It truly IS about the guns – guns in the hands of people who were prohibited by law from possessing them, let alone bringing them into a school zone. Gun control laws and political correctness failed the students at Red Lake High.

Rebecca Thoman, Executive Director of Citizens for a Safer Minnesota, that state's leading gun violence prevention organization said: "Unfortunately, we Americans haven't learned the lessons of Columbine and other mass school shootings. We continue to arm our homes with the misguided notion that guns will protect us and our families. The sad reality is just the opposite. A gun in the home is a risk to those we love."

"Whenever a child uses a gun to kill, we have to ask: Where did he get the gun?" said Thoman. "EIGHTY PERCENT of the time the answer is from his own home or the home of a family member of friend." News reports suggest that the Red Lake shooter used a shotgun and two handguns owned by his grandfather, who was also shot and killed.

First, it is important to note that they have just admitted that in "EIGHTY PERCENT" of these cases, gun control laws like background checks, waiting periods, concealed carry bans, etc. are a complete failure at preventing these crimes.

What’s more, gun ban lobbyists like Hoover and Thoman are known for claiming that only law enforcement should be allowed to own guns. Perhaps that is why they completely omit the fact that the "Red Lake shooter"'s grandfather was a police officer, and that it was his police-issued firearms that were stolen and used in this crime. Thus this tragedy offers still more proof that the gun ban lobby is wrong – even in a fantasy world where only the cops have guns, crimes like Red Lake High would still happen.

Thoman continued: "Children will always have sadness, loss and conflict. But they needn't have guns. That is a society's choice. Parents: get handguns out of your homes. Hunters: securely lock your weapons and store your ammunition separately. Citizens: tell your lawmakers that enough is enough."

Hoover closed by echoing Thoman's remarks: "There are bullies in every country, but it is only in the United States that this leads to shooting rampages. It is not that America is a more violent country. We are just a more lethal country because of the ease of access to and prevalence of firearms."

Hoover's ignorance of shooting rampages in "no-guns" countries like Australia, Russia, Japan, Germany and Great Britain (etc. etc. etc.) belies her true character and agenda. The gun ban lobby is not interested in the facts, rather only in pressing for a social gun ban experiment that has at best, led to massive increases in violent crime, and at worst, to genocide, in every country it has been tried.

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PO Box 1078 Toledo, OH 43697


March 22, 2005
Casey Anderson
(202) 408-0061 x 103
[email protected]

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