Gun Grabbers Spooked: Anti-Self-Defense ''Call In'' Day scheduled for Halloween

Toby Hoover and her so-called Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence (more appropriately described as Against Gun Ownership) has scheduled their very own Frightened Friday. Hoover is asking other extremists to call Bob Taft on Halloween, to request that he continue his obstruction of concealed carry reform.

Click on the "Read More..." link below to read her latest email alert (as usual, corrected for spelling errors). And remember - you don't have to wait until Frightened Friday to make your call to the Governor!

Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence

Alerts and Education

In the last year Ohio legislators have voted to pass a new law to allow the carrying of concealed weapons in Ohio. That would mean loaded guns hidden by their owners carried in public, where you work and play.

The Ohio House and Senate have passed different versions of this bill. They now have named a conference committee to reconcile their differences.

Governor Bob Taft has said he would sign a bill that law enforcement SUPPORTS.

The Buckeye Sheriffs will be responsible for issuing the permits, collecting the fees, doing background checks and verifying the training requirments. They support this legislation.

The Fraternal Order of Police changed their position of opposing to NEUTRALity once their objections for safe enforcement and officer safety were met.

The State Highway Patrol opposed the bill until the provision to carry openly in a vehicle and locked in a locked container if there are children under the age of 18 in the vehicle were added. The Senate version included this provision and the Ohio Patrol then took a NEUTRAL position because their concerns and expertise focused on carrying in a vehicle.

The Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police OPPOSE this bill.

The only law enforcement group that supports this bill is the elected Buckeye Sheriffs.

Polls consistently show more than 69% of Ohioans oppose carrying hidden loaded guns in public*. ===============

HB 12 authorizes county sheriffs to issue licenses to carry concealed handguns. This legislation would lead to more guns on the street and more gun violence in Ohio.

HB 12 mandates that county sheriffs shall issue a concealed carry license to anyone who is not prohibited under law from possessing a firearm.

This legislation strips local law enforcement's ability to keep guns out of the wrong hands.

Keep our streets safe, write or call Governor Taft and tell him to keep his promise to VETO HB 12.

Ohioans are doing a CALL-IN day on Friday October 31st to give Governor Taft a NO CCW message.

Governor Bob Taft
77 S High Street, 30th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6117

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