Gun show operator takes proactive steps in wake of Bloomberg's $1.5 million "gotcha" video

By Chad D. Baus

In response to a video released by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who reportedly spent $1.5 million of tax payer money to send private investigators to Ohio, Tennessee and Nevada gun shows, show operator Dave Goodman has announced steps he is taking to better ensure that all laws are being followed at future Bill Goodman's Gun and Knife Shows.

From the Dayton Daily News:

Manager Dave Goodman of Mt. Washington, Ky., said today, Oct. 14, that starting this weekend at Hara, his shows will offer a free booth to police and federal firearms agents, strengthen background checks on prospective buyers and educate sellers on how to recognize straw buyers attempting to buy guns for criminals and other prohibited purchasers.

"We try to do our best to make sure everybody's following the law to a 'T,'" Goodman said. "It's definitely not a place for criminals to come and congregate."

Goodman said NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's investigation, which contends that both licensed and private dealers at Goodman's shows violated federal firearms laws, was "downright unscrupulous." He said footage from investigators' hidden cameras, which purportedly shows dealers flouting rules on background checks, is misleadingly incomplete.

"The video doesn't tell the whole picture," Goodman said. "You only see what Mayor Bloomberg wants you to see."

From a statement released Wednesday, as reported by

"We would like to announce the launching of a first-of-its-kind 'pilot program' for Gun Shows.

"We have, in the past, taken steps to educate our patrons and dealers on applicable law. This new pilot program is an additional step towards educating our patrons and dealers, while also being proactive in ensuring compliance with applicable laws. The programs will be implemented as quickly as possible and consists of several components aimed at education and compliance."

Goodman said each customer will receive a pocket-sized "Rules and Guidelines" handout which will inform and guide individuals in their conduct at his shows as well as inform them of the rules governing Firearm sales.

In addition, Goodman said he will make available through Wall Posters and Handouts the "NOTICE CONCERNING PROHIBITIONS OF FEDERAL FIREARMS LAW" which will help educate Private Individuals on their responsibility as it applies to Federal Firearm Laws.

As for people who refuse to comply with the law, Goodman said, "We are ready and willing to cooperate fully with any investigation that may arise and we encourage the ATF or any other law enforcement officials who feel that laws have been broken to strongly apply those laws and prosecute to the fullest extent. We have always had an open door policy and welcome all law enforcement into our shows and have even provided ATF booths on a regular basis, manned and staffed with ATF officers at some of our locations."

Reacting to Goodman's comment that police and federal agents could assist dealers with background checks, Sheriff Phil Plummer, an elected official from Montgomery County, "it is not our job to show up and do background checks on people who want to purchase guns." Unfortunately, Sheriff Plummer went on to agree with Mayor Bloomberg, advocating for all private transactions of firearms to be made illegal.

Goodman told the newspaper he is looking for licensed dealers willing to perform background checks for a nominal fee on behalf of unlicensed sellers.

In his statement, Goodman also said, "New Laws are not the solution...(There are over 20,000 Gun Control Laws already!) We strongly believe that the existing Firearm Laws need to be strictly enforced, while observing the rights of private citizens to Keep and Bear arms for their defense and protection."

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