Hagan smelling trouble with labor on the gun issue?

Less than two weeks ago, while discussing what he could have done better in his first debate with Governor Taft, Tim Hagan told the Columbus Dispatch he thinks Ohio's existing affirmative defense law is good enough for those wishing to carry concealed.

"I should have been clear in saying I don't think everyone in Ohio should have access to a gun,'' Hagan said, reiterating that he opposes the pending legislation.

But he said there are circumstances in which some citizens -- those with dangerous jobs or who have reason to fear for their lives -- should have the right to carry a concealed gun under Ohio's so-called affirmative defense law.

Under the law Hagan prefers, an Ohioan may only obtain permission to carry a concealed weapon after arrest and trial, and the ruling only applies to that one offense. Persons will be arrested each and every time they are caught carrying concealed, regardless of past favorable rulings on affirmative defense.

The following has been submitted by a concerned Ohio pro-CCW voter and union member. It has been represented as a letter from Tim Hagan, being distributed to union members (name of union shop was edited to protect identity of submitting individual):

"My friends in the xxx,"

"I have watched the Ohio Legislature deal with the concealed carry issue and I wanted to say something to my friends who belong to the xxx. What is the current Governor and the Republican dominated legislature doing? Every state office is under their control and yet, they haven''t passed any such legislation as they promised to 6 years ago. It would seem that, on many issues, they make promises they never keep. Shame on them."

"I am aware that a large number of the xxx membership supports some form of concealed carry in the State of Ohio. AND SO DO I. I support a plan that is safe, does not allow guns to fall into the hands of children and that the people who ask for and receive the permit to carry are law abiding citizens. Forty-four other states have the permit to carry making the state of Ohio a place that is not keeping up with the modern world that we live in."

"I am supporting a safe bill that will be similar to Pennsylvania and other states. I am NOT running for Governor to take away your guns. I am running to address the serious problems with the budget, school funding, prescription drugs and the lack of leadership we have had for the last 4 years. I need your support and vote on November 5th."

"In Solidarity,"

"Tim Hagan"

We've all had our disappointments with Bob Taft, but Tim Hagan is NOT the answer.

Tim Hagan thinks HB274 is not restrictive enough. In an email to a concerned OFCC member, Monica Hagan, who works on the Hagan campaign, said this: "My brother opposes the current concealed weapons bill as it would allow guns to be carried into public places. He believes a person has a right to protect their homes and does not oppose gun use for recreational purposes."

Don't let Tim Hagan fool you, and don't let Tim Hagan fool any union member
you know who supports CCW.
Please let your friends and family know what lengths Hagan is willing to go to to fool union members into voting for him.

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