Harvard: Millions of Dollars More For Gun Control

Harvard University’s School of Public Health is set to receive a $350 million donation to study “gun violence” and other “complex health threats challenging the U.S. and the world,” CNN reports. The donation, the largest ever received by the university, is being made by the Morningside Foundation, run by the descendants of Hong Kong real estate tycoon T.H. Chan, for whom the school will be renamed.

Billionaire bankrolling of the anti-gun movement is perhaps the most significant new development in the gun control debate in our lifetime. Last year, anti-gun activist Michael Bloomberg donated $350 million to Johns Hopkins University’s School of Public Health, already named for Bloomberg, based upon his previous donations. Bloomberg, the Washington Post reported, also “has committed to spending $50 million of his personal fortune this year to build a national grass-roots movement that will pressure lawmakers to pass more restrictive gun laws.”

In May, we noted that the Democracy Alliance, backed by George Soros, is planning to funnel millions of dollars to a variety of groups that support gun control and other “progressive” causes. According to an internal document(document pp. 54-55) prepared by the “alliance,” those anti-gun groups include the Brennan Center, the Center for American Progress, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown operation, MediaMatters, Organizing for Action/BarackObama.com, the Progressive Majority, and Third Way.

Also in May, the Washington Times reported that anti-gun members of Congress aren’t satisfied with the millions of dollars that their ideological brethren are investing in the anti-gun cause. They want gun owners to help pay for it as well. Toward that end, Sen. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) and Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) have introduced legislation proposing to spend $60 million of the taxpayers’ money to study gun violence (i.e., promote gun control) over the next few years.

The Chan family chose Harvard to receive its $350 million donation at least in part because one of the members of the family attended the school previously. However, Harvard’s School of Public Health already had a long record of aggressive support for gun control, largely funded by the Joyce Foundation and other progressive donors. Its Injury Control Research Center, led by anti-gun public health researchers David Hemenway and Matthew Miller, was the source of much of the biased anti-gun advocacy “research” that convinced Congress to prohibit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from paying for any more of it with the taxpayers’ money.

Gun control supporters would like nothing more than for gun owners to think that resistance to the anti-gunners bottomless pocketbooks is futile. But, we know that no matter how much money the anti-gunners spend, they can’t buy our freedom, because it's not for sale. Let the anti-gun billionaires know that by Voting Freedom First on November 4.

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