Has the Culture of Sheep killed again?

By Tim Inwood

I have followed the sad news story of
what has happened to the family of Dr. William Petit
in Cheshire, Connecticut. Observing the coverage in
newsprint and electronic media, I have wondered aloud
if the "Culture of Sheep" has killed again. As the
facts emerge it is becoming pretty clear that it has.

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Most frustrating has been watching police officers
or former police officers coming on these news
programs advising if attacked to submit. Do what the
criminals demand, do not make eye contact, show no
resistance. They advised that if you do this you will
survive. I was stunned. This very behavior is pretty
much what got the Petit women killed. I keep seeing so
called professionals repeating the very advice that
gets people killed over and over again, and it
infuriates me. The Culture of Sheep strikes again.

As those of you who have been following this subject
know, I have been exploring the dangers of our
“indoctrination” to be passive, something I have
referred to as the “Culture of Sheep”.

As to the specific case at hand, in the wee hours of
July 23rd two career criminals out on parole broke
into the home of Dr. William Petit Jr. and his family.
The time was roughly 3AM and the family was asleep.
The thugs Joshua Komisarjevsky, age 26, and Steven
Hayes, age 44, then pummeled the good doctor into
obedience and tied him up. For the next six hours the
doctor, his wife Jennifer Hawke-Petit, age 48, and
their daughters, 17-year-old Hayley and 11-year-old
Michaela, were terrorized by these animals as they
demanded money. At some point the daughters were
sexually assaulted. One drove Jennifer to their bank
around 9:30AM so she could withdraw the family
savings. The thug stayed in the family car waiting so
as to not arouse suspicion. I am sure he reminded her
of his partner holding the rest of the family, so not
to try anything.

Nevertheless while in the bank
Jennifer did the right thing and told the tellers so
they could call the police. Upon getting back to the
house, the thugs strangled Jennifer to death and set
fire to the house to cover their tracks. At this time,
the police were arriving and caught the criminals as
they tried to ram through their barricade with the
Petit family SUV. Sadly, Dr. Petit was the sole
survivor of this savage crime, with his wife strangled
and his molested daughters dead of smoke inhalation.

In all the stories covering this sad event I noted no
mention of a home security system or a firearm in the
house. I am left with the question, why? Did the Petit
family feel that in this “safe” community there was no
need for any precautions? Safe communities are a myth,
my friends. Awful crimes take place just about
everywhere. I am tired of reading stories about how
horrible things like this don’t happen in quiet good
communities like this one; they do all too often.

Did the difficult gun laws of Connecticut play a
role? Connecticut, despite being the home of great gun
manufacturers like Colt, has some of the worst guns
laws in the United States. The Brady Campaign grades
Connecticut gun laws at an A-
, which speaks volumes to
how restrictive things are.

Did the hassle of all the additional required paperwork and permit requirements keep Dr. Petit from
owning a gun? I don’t know, but I do know that for many the
additional requirements and headaches involved would be a hurdle many would rather not go through,
hence they do not bother.

Dr. Petit is a 50 year-old man, while I will grant
this is not young it certainly does not suggest one is
too feeble to put up a defense.

Take for instance this interesting case in contrast.

In El Dorado Arkansas, 93 year old Willie Lee Hill
was attacked in his home by a criminal who beat him in
the head with a soda can. Taking at least 50 blows to
the head, Hill was knocked unconscious. When he awoke,
his assailant Douglas Williams Jr. attacked again;
this time Hill drew his .38 caliber revolver and shot
Williams through his throat, dropping him. Police now
have Williams, who survived, albeit paralyzed, in

The firearm is always the great equalizer, as that
story of a 93 year-old man putting down a strapping 24
year-old miscreant illustrates. Did Willie Hill
submit, as the police would advise? No. Is he alive
because he fought back? YES!

I continue to be amazed to see the so-called
“experts” come out and continue to tell us to submit
and all will be fine. Rubbish. Two months ago I told
you the story of Jeff May.

The Jeff May story got little attention until “The
Talkmaster” Neal Boortz brought it to national
attention with his radio show. Jeff May fought off a
school shooter who had killed several people using
only a number 2 pencil. His actions saved lives. I am
compelled to say submission frequently equals death. The experts are clearly wrong. Look at all the
students who followed the commands of Cho Seung-Hui in
the Virginia Tech Massacre. He ordered them to line up
against the wall and walked down the line shooting
them in the head. They did not fight back, and with
that incident we saw the worst school massacre in
American history.

I blame the cultural indoctrination to be sheep. To
submit to criminals can, and frequently will, get you
killed. I urge all reading this to do the responsible
thing for you and your family. Purchase a firearm, if
you have not done so already, and get the proper
training. It might well be that you will find yourself
the victim of a crime. So be prepared and survive the

We at BFA offer our prayers and sympathy to Dr.
William Petit Jr. and his family at this difficult

Post Script:

On a side note, a friend argued that perhaps I should
use the term “Eloi” instead of sheep when dealing with
this subject.

For those of you who have not read the
H.G.Wells classic “The Time Machine”, the Eloi were
people who were provided food and clothing by the
subterranean dwelling Morlocks who fed upon them. The
Eloi were conditioned to seek the underground shelters
when they heard the blast of ancient air raid sirens.
When the Morlocks took enough Eloi underground for the
slaughter, the doors shut. The Eloi who went
underground submitted to their fate without a fight. The rest were left to breed until the next Morlock
feeding frenzy.

My friend’s analogy does apply if you
look at it this way. We have been conditioned to be
passive, and like good obedient Eloi when commanded by
the Morlocks to do as we are told, we obey. What am I
talking about? I am talking about how we have been
conditioned to passively allow the Government to take
our rights, restrict our freedoms like free speech and
the right to bear arms for self-defense. Also
appalling is how more than half our earnings are taken
via heavy taxation so they, the bureaucrat elite, can
be generous with our money for their purposes. Every
April they blast the siren and we send in our
money…unlike the Morlocks though, the Government’s
appetite seems insatiable.

Considering we are
descendent of people who revolted for minor taxes on
stamps and tea, we have certainly devolved into
something much more docile when it comes to these
issues that would have sparked revolt by our
ancestors. So I will concede the term Eloi or sheep
is equally acceptable when speaking on this issue,
however while everyone knows what sheep are, only
those who are familiar with “The Time Machine” will
have any idea what Eloi represent.

Tim Inwood is the current Legislative Liaison and Past
President of the Clinton County Farmers and Sportsmen
Association, an Endowment Member of the NRA, Life
Member of OGCA, and a volunteer for Buckeye Firearms

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