HB12: 7th Senate hearing on HB12 scheduled for June 17

House Bill 12 has been added to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Criminal Justice's agenda for invited testimony, possible amendments, and a possible vote out of committee on Tuesday, June 17 at 11:00 a.m. in Room 110, Second Floor, Senate Building. If necessary, the hearing may continue after session in the Senate Finance Hearing Room.

The purpose for Tuesday's hearing for HB12 is, essentially, to publicly consider and vote on potential amendments to the bill as passed by the House, and to vote to pass the amended bill to the Senate floor.

Citizens are more than welcome to attend. But remember, THIS IS INVITED TESTIMONY ONLY.

Please consider wearing your OFCC shirt to show support for the organization.

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Your presence at this meeting is beneficial to the cause.

When attending hearings on HB12 in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Criminal Justice, keep in mind that parking can be found under the building (if you arrive early) or in neighboring parking garages.

Your support for concealed carry reform is needed NOW: gather your friends and car pool to the hearings wearing OFCC shirts and khaki pants or blue jeans. Simply filling a seat in the Gallery through the entire process makes a serious statement of support, and wearing an OFCC shirt makes it perfectly clear why you're there, and what side you're on.

If you need to purchase a Denim or Polo shirt for HB12 hearings, please visit OFCC's online webstore right away!

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