HB347 earns predictably inaccurate media coverage

If the media is ashamed of their biased news coverage in the days leading up to passage of Ohio's concealed carry laws, or if journalists have been convinced by the overwhelming evidence in Ohio that gun ban extremists were wrong about their "wild west" rhetoric, they sure aren't showing it.

Media reports on HB347 in recent days have been equally disingenuous, and in some cases provably factually wrong. This story will be used to document some of the more pertinent examples the anti-gun media covers passage of this important legislation.

Is HB347 liberal, or conservative?

According to the Associated Press, HB347 is a "liberal" gun law:

    With strong Republican majorities in both chambers, the current legislative makeup has been viewed as an unprecedented opportunity for passing more liberal gun laws in the state.

But according to a WKRC Cincinnati story, on the other hand, HB347 is a "conservative" gun law:

    The Ohio Senate is expected to pass the conservative bill Wednesday morning.

Does the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) oppose HB347, or not?

The same WKRC story contained a blatant error, asserting that the OSHP was still fighting the legislation.

    The Ohio State Highway Patrol is fighting against hidden weapons and how it could affect you.

But as the Associated Press had already widely reported, the OSHP agrees with the legislation:

    "...The patrol will take a neutral stance on the bill, Lt. Shawn Davis said.

The following email provides details on corrections that were made by WKRC following an email from Buckeye Firearms Association:

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Wilson, Ted
    To: Chad D. Baus
    Sent: Wednesday, November 29, 2006 5:37 PM
    Subject: concealed carry

    Thank you for writing concerning our story on the bill to update Ohio’s Concealed Carry Law.

    You are correct. We were wrong. The story has been updated on our website, along with the new information today that Gov. Bob Taft’s office says he will veto the measure.

    We will include the correct information concerning the State Highway Patrol when we update the story in our 11pm newscast.

    Best regards,

    Ted Wilson
    Late News Executive Producer
    Local 12
    1906 Highland Ave.
    Cincinnati, OH 45219

Kudos to Mr. Wilson for being good enough to correct the story.

Headline Mania - the "bill that would kill"?

On Wednesday, the Dayton Daily News warned that this proposal will kill (oh my!) the ability of cities to regulate firearms.

And again today, the DDN headline reads "Taft will veto bill that would kill...".

The rhetoric has softened somewhat from media warnings that concealed carry will kill, but let's think through this. The anti-gun media have presented no stories of license holders killing people in city parks, or fighting over parking spaces, or road rode rage. There has been no "blood in the streets" or "wild west shootouts", etc.

In short, we were right, and they were wrong. The same is true today of this legislation.

For more on the ridiculous objections over the preemption clause, see today's top story, "AP: Taft flip-flops, says he will veto HB347 over preemption clause".

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