HB347 Hearing Wrap: YOUR HELP NEEDED!

By Linda Walker

The Senate Criminal Justice committee heard additional testimony for HB347 on Wednesday. This hearing, like last week's at which Larry Moore testified on behalf of Buckeye Firearms Assoc., was for proponent, opponent and all interested parties. The hearing wrapped up with 5 individuals giving testimony.

Less than compelling opponent testimony was given by gun ban extremist Toby Hoover, representing her "coalition of two", the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence. The usual rhetoric was presented by the head puppetmaster. Over and over again legislators heard the same cries..., "for the safety of officers", "out of respect for the officers", "people have the right to know there's a gun in the car", "this bill will make it easier for people carry weapons", "preemption", "murder, suicide.....,"! It's endless with the tales these people twist this House Bill into.

Ultimately, Toby wrapped up her tale of woes with commenting "that the only difference between a law-abiding citizen and a criminal is one bad decision". What a low opinion of humanity she possess that she equates law-abiding citizens so close to the criminal mind!

Click on 'Read More' for the full hearing summary and information on WHAT YOU CAN DO to help get HB347 voted out of committee.

Next up was Toby's apprentice, Rosie Craig, from Shaker Heights. Besides representing OCAGV, Ms. Craig also represents the Brady Campaign and the Million Mom March. She was briefly into her testimony when it struck me as being very familiar. Checking my past notes from her testimony given Jan. 31, I discovered that this was the very same speech she'd given before a House committee in January, word for word, verbatim! Given that Sub House Bill 347 has changed from the original, one would think Craig would have taken the time to modify her fear-mongering...

On the proponent side, Ohioans for Concealed Carry's Jeff Garvas offered testimony along with 2 other gentlemen. Garvas' comments reiterated the need for state-wide preemption and removal of the "plain sight" carry in a motor vehicle provision.

Your help is urgently needed! HB347 continues to face stumbling blocks with Gov. Taft, the OSHP, and others. Attempts are being made to roll back the improvements made in HB347. As you know, this piece of legislation passed the House overwhelmingly, and contains many favorable provisions for gun owners.

This was after months of negotiations and compromises. Now, certain factions are going to the Senate in an attempt to renege on these
Unfortunately, these people have a sympathetic ear in the Senate, due in
large part to Gov. Taft's baseless objections.

HB 347 passed with overwhelming bi-partisan support. There is no reason for it to be sabotaged in the Senate.

IT IS CRITICAL YOU WRITE YOUR LEGISLATORS RIGHT NOW! Every second you delay is another improvement that is being dealt away by those who don't care about the absurd laws you labor under.


Click HERE to be taken to a form that will automatically send a letter to Senate President Harris, Governor Taft, Senator Padgett, Speaker Husted and your individual representative and senator.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SPREAD THE WORD TO ALL YOUR GUN OWNING FRIENDS! We need overwhelming response on this immediately.

The time to show your support is before the improvements are finally eliminated, not complaining about it after the fact.

Once again, please CLICK HERE to write your elected officials - your help is needed TODAY!

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