The history of gun control, part 1

June 7, 2007
World Net Daily

By Sandy Froman

Philosopher George Santayana said that those who cannot remember the
past are condemned to repeat it. It's true. One of the reasons to study
history is to avoid repeating past mistakes. When it comes to freedom,
we cannot afford to forget the lessons of the past. So you and I need to
know the history of gun control, because history teaches us there is a
terrible price to pay when we lose our right to keep and bear arms.

Over 200 years ago, when the Founding Fathers drafted the Second
Amendment, no one questioned the need for private gun ownership. The
Framers considered private firearms to be essential to protecting
personal liberty, both as a means of opposing foreign threats and also
as a check against excessive government power. The Framers were
passionately devoted to the idea that a self-sufficient armed citizenry
is the best means of preserving liberty.

But many on the left do not want you to know this. They keep the truth
from being taught in public schools, and they even write books laden
with falsehoods in a dishonest attempt to rewrite history.

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