Home invasion: Naked intruder held at gunpoint by homeowner

In a revealing incident in Bismarck, N.D., a man allegedly invaded a residence while under the influence and without any clothes on. The homeowner, quick to respond, held the intruder at gunpoint until the police arrived on the scene.

The Bismarck police were alerted to a potential burglary on West Bowen Avenue in the early hours of Friday. Upon their arrival, they were met with the sight of the homeowner pointing a gun at the intruder, identified as Alvin Ducheneaux. This incident was not only shocking because of the nature of the intrusion but also because Ducheneaux was found in a state of undress.

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The homeowner and his family were roused from their sleep by loud noises emanating from within their home. On investigating the source of the disturbance, the homeowner came face-to-face with Ducheneaux. Acting swiftly, he instructed his wife to dial 911, grabbed his home defense gun, and kept Ducheneaux under control until the police arrived.

Ducheneaux, in a state of high intoxication, reportedly mentioned to the homeowner that he was in the house to retrieve his clothes.

How did Ducheneaux gain entry into the home? The affidavit suggests that he made his way in through a rear door that had inadvertently been left unlocked. The loud noises that had awakened the family were apparently the result of Ducheneaux stumbling through a child’s unoccupied bedroom, scattering clothing and toys in his wake.

Although the exact motives behind Ducheneaux’s actions remain unclear, the homeowners believe that he might have mistakenly entered their residence, possibly intending to go to a neighboring house. This assumption is based on the observation of significant foot traffic directed toward a nearby home.

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Ducheneaux now faces serious legal consequences. He has been charged with felony burglary, which carries a potential maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. Additionally, he has been slapped with misdemeanor counts of criminal mischief and disorderly conduct. Currently, Ducheneaux is being held at the Burleigh Morton Detention Center with a cash bond set at $5,000. He is scheduled for a court appearance on November 6, where he may enter his pleas.

In light of this incident, residents are reminded of the importance of securing their homes and having self-defense guns at the ready, even in seemingly safe neighborhoods. Clearly this event was distressing for the homeowners. Still, they appear to have been well prepared to defend their home and it serves as a cautionary tale for others to remain vigilant and prioritize safety.

Republished with permission from AmmoLand.

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