House Bill 12 receives first hearing in Senate committee

Representatives from Ohioans For Concealed Carry and OFCC PAC were on hand today at the Statehouse, as HB12 received it's first hearing in the Senate Commitee on Criminal Justice.

A complete summary of the hearing may be accessed by clicking on the "Read More..." link below.

Sponsor Jim Aslanides testified, and
answered questions. Following is a summary from the hearing. Consider all
comments as paraphrased, not direct quotes:

Rep. Aslanides gave an excellent presentation on House Bill 12. It
was obvious that he had done his homework on the issue, and the language in the bill.

Chairman Austria opened the questioning:

Q. Do we need to wait on the Ohio Supreme Court to rule?
A: No. Legislature needs to act.

Q. What do you think about the notion that we need to allow businesses the right to prevent employees from keeping a firearm in the car while inside at work? Some say it's a private property rights issue.
A. The problem is, it would lead to a ban to and from work.

Senator Herington followed next:

Q. I supported SB68, which contained a lot more training. In a Columbus Dispatch poll, 65% said they opposed CCW without adequate training. 67% said they'd support it if it DID have enough training. The concern is, does HB12 have enough?
A. It contains the strictest training requirement in the nation. Pennsylvania has no training, and no "victim zone" restrictions. Indiana also has no training whatsoever. They report no problems.

Q. What is the difference between HB274 and HB12?
A. Training has written & practical (range) requirement.

Q. What is the difference between HB12 and Substitute HB274 as passed by the
A. Aslanides cited many of the technical amendments made, noteably left out
mention of CCW in cars.

Q. Would you have supported Sub. HB274?
A. The biggest problem was the ban on CCW in cars.

Q. I'm going to send you more questions - will you provide written response?
A. Yes.

Senator Fedor was the third Senator to pose questions:

Q. I am concerned about CCW in day-cares. And would HB12 allow CCW in the
Rife Center?
A. Don't know about Rife Center - some other prohibitions may come into play
there. But the fear of guns in places like day-cares is completely unfounded. Again, referenced Pennsylvania having no training, no "victim zones" and no problems.

Q. There is a history of domestic violence situations in day-cares. And is there any unintended additional cost to businesses, such as having to install fencing, etc. as a homeland security measure?
A. There is no problem on these questions in other states. No reported homeland security issues or costs.

Q. Not all veterans have received firearms training. I'm concerned that just having an honorable discharge isn't enough.
A. They need to have been discharged within the past three years. Otherwise, need to qualify. All current military personnel DO receive firearms training, so not an issue.

Senator Marc Dann followed:

Q. Is training required in HB12 for the use of deadly force?
A. It's in the NRA course.
Follow-up Q: NRA says it's not.
A. I'll yield to them.

Q: I'm concerned that people will get their ideas of when it's ok to use deadly force from t.v. Would you support a bill to expand the training?
A. We worked very hard on training. It's the most stringent in the country. Not opposed to consideration of ideas.

Senator Jim Jordan made supportive comments only, no questions:

I & my family have all attended hunter education classes, & various NRA classes. The #1 issue stressed in these courses is safety and respect for firearms. I believe Senator Dann, your concerns are addressed in the training.

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