How (non) CHL-holders behave with guns is reporting that a domestic disturbance resulting in gunfire and a high-speed chase last weekend in the Dayton area.

    Police say the men, Delbert Hopkins, 51, and David Stamper, 45, who both live on Highview Drive, met at Mulberry Square in Miami Township to fight over a girlfriend around 10 p.m. Thursday.

    During the fight, Hopkins pulled out a gun and fired a shot at Stamper but missed, say police.

    That's when Hopkins and his girlfriend, Beverly Weir, jumped into Hopkins' truck and drove off. Stamper started chasing them and called police, who say Hopkins tried to ram Stamper's vehicle at least twice.

    Topping speed of 100 miles per hour, police say they caught up to both trucks on northbound I-275 near Wards Corner Road.

    Hopkins then apparently rammed a cruiser driven by a Miami Township officer two times, and tried to ram another cruiser but failed.
    Police say Hopkins eventually stopped at Loveland-Madeira Road and was taken into custody at gunpoint.

The news station reports that Hopkins, who was charged with felonious assault on a police officer, attempted felonious assault on a police officer, operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, handling weapons under a disability, and inducing panic, was still in jail Friday night.

Stamper, WCPO reporrts, is charged with aggravated menacing, resulting from an accusation that he went to Hopkins house earlier Thursday night to pick a fight over the girlfriend.

"We're very fortunate that no one was injured after they put a number of people at risk, not only the officers who responded," Detective John Swing of Miami Township Police told WCPO.

This story provides an excellent example of how fights are escalating into shootouts on our streets in the wake of Ohio's passage of concealed carry legislation.

Of course, neither of the persons involved had Ohio Concealed Handgun Licenses... And of course WCPO failed to make the observation.

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