Hypocrisy: Cleveland ''Million'' Mom Circulating OFCC Attack Letter

Those who are following the fight to restore our right to bear arms for self-defense closely will be familiar with the name Lori A. O'Neill. O'Neill is President of the "Million" Mom March's Cleveland Chapter, and one of the more vocal anti-self-defense extremists in our state. What you may not know is that she is a regular visitor of this website, and frequently shares thoughts with members of the OFCC steering committee.

It may further surprise some to learn that in our discussions, we've managed to find common ground. Both Lori and OFCC agree that gun crime is a huge problem in our state. As you might imagine, however, we definitely do NOT agree on the solution.

Recently, Ms. O'Neill expressed to us her displeasure about one of our articles, in which we notified our readers that two Ohio newspapers had succumbed to pressure from the Brady Campaign (in her own words, the Brady campaign is the "current incarnation of Handgun Control Inc.", which is in partnership with "M"MM) to stop selling classified ads to people who wanted to sell a firearm.

In her August 26 complaint, O'Neill said the following (in part):

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"Sometimes you frustrate me. Just when I think we're moving toward a more civil discussion of the problems of gun violence, you pull another one on me! I refer to your article about the newspaper gun ads, and our campaign to get newspapers to stop permitting classified ads to sell firearms."

O'Neill went on to try and make the case that the "Million" Mom March "is not a front for anything", and that the group is "simply the grassroots arm" of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. The Brady Campaign, she said, is the "current incarnation of Handgun Control Inc." She wanted us to know that there is "nothing mysterious about any of this--just a simple evolution of the groups that work to prevent gun violence". She then accused us of mischaracterizing her groups' evolution to "make it more exciting for your members to read about. Kind of like tabloid journalism."

After reading O'Neill's shameless letter to the editor of Sept. 25, which has been printed in both the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Athens News, we're not certain she knows the meaning of "civilized discussion". But quite it's obvious she's very familiar with "tabloid journalism."

Click here to read her attack letter, and to read our response.

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