Indiana governor signs legislation expanding right to protect life, home

By Larry S. Moore

The Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal is reporting that Gov. Mitch Daniels has signed into law a bill specifying that a person who feels threatened may use deadly force against an intruder.

From the story:

    House Bill 1028 says that people have no duty to retreat -- or try to escape -- if they believe they are being threatened on their property or in their vehicle.

    "I'm very pleased," the bill's author, Rep. Eric Koch, R-Bedford, said yesterday. "It was an opportunity for the people of Indiana -- speaking through their elected representatives -- to establish what I think is a very fundamental right, that is a right to defend yourself, your family and your property from harm."

    ....The National Rifle Association backed the bill in Indiana and 15 other states, including Kentucky, where the measure is pending. It is also law in Florida and South Dakota and has been approved by legislators in Mississippi.

    ....HB 1028 passed the House 81-10 on final passage; it passed the Senate 44-5.

Ohio Rep. Steve Buehrer has introduced similar legislation in HB541, and the bill will receive its first hearing Tuesday March 28 in the Ohio House.

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Anti-self defense and anti-gun organizations are already attacking this common-sense legislation in Ohio, and can be expected to continue to wail. In the Courier Journal story, claims are made
that nothing was broken so no new laws were needed. Pretty funny that
people who, at least, claim to not own guns or carry gun attempt to speak as
experts on the subject matter best left to those of us who do believe in
self-defense and practice self-defense. Going to these people for advice on
firearms or self-defense issues is like going to your plumber for brain

The same tired claims will be repeated again and again. Never mind if the
blood in the streets from concealed carry laws never happened. The latest
round of restoring freedoms in the United States will bring the same dire

Congratulations to the good citizens of Indiana for being the latest
addition to the growing list of states recognizing the importance of
self-defense. We can only hope that our hard work will soon pay those same
dividends for Ohio.

For more information on HB541, click here.

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